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Guide to Social Marketing for Real Estate Entrepreneurs second part

Published on 09.09.2019 by Luka

In the first part of the guideline, we talked about understanding the competition. We gave you real-time examples and tips. Today we will share with you insider tips on how to optimize YouTube channel and what type of videos to post every week.

Optimizing YouTube channel

In the previous part, we covered tips on creating a YouTube channel. Today we will talk about optimizing YouTube channel. One thing is clear – YouTube is a new TV. Everyone pays attention to YouTube – no matter where you are, watching YouTube is always a good idea. When a person needs music, pranks, daily news, and motivation – they all watch YouTube.

YouTube has become a new trend, and this platform will fully replace the TV in a few years. It’s essential to have a YouTube channel, especially correctly optimized page where people can find you. Add company info in “about us” page and add as many targeted keywords as you can. Keep in mind that those keywords must be written naturally.

Add a cover photo as its official page, and YouTube users get a first impression of you and your company after checking cover photo. Don’t forget to add “pinned” video as people who first check out your channel; they should get detailed info what’s the channel is about.

Real estate marketing ideas for YouTube

What type of videos should you add? Before we head to video real estate marketing ideas, keep in mind that you should stick to one plan. For example, if you can add one video per week – perfect, go ahead and stick to that plan. Remember, don’t fall from your main idea – no matter what, you should stick to one plan. Consistency is the key to YouTube's success.

How-to videos

It’s the easiest way to deliver content. How-to videos are important as people want to know your insider tips. You are the main influencer for subscribers, so you have to explain your game.

Real Estate Market Updates

Real estate marketing ideas could be different. After how-to videos, you should focus on market updates. As an influencer, you should know every update that market could have. Real Estate is a fast-changing industry. There could be price going up; the law could be changed in the specific state of the US, etc.

There will be lots of updates and news related to Real Estate, so you should educate your viewers.

Interview with other influencers

Few influencers already top every niche on YouTube. The same scenario goes to the real estate niche. If you want to gain a lot of traction, go for “interview” videos. Collaborate with other influencers in the same industry, and you can get their subscribers too.