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What Happens When You Promote a Video on TikTok

Published on 26.06.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

If you want your TikTok videos to reach a larger audience, you should consider promoting them. As one of the fastest-growing social media sites, TikTok has several tools to enable you to engage with your audience and grow your following. One of these is the TikTok Promote tool. This article will guide you on what you can do with this feature and how to use it to grow your audience. We will also guide you on other methods to boost your TikTok videos.

What is the TikTok Promote Tool?

TikTok Promote is a brilliant in-app tool that enables you to create ads from your TikTok videos, even if you didn't create the videos for that purpose initially. The tool allows you to edit and promote one of your current videos within the app.

Steps to Using TikTok Promote Videos

When creating TikTok Promote videos, here are a few rules to follow:

Understand your target audience

TikTok contains niche communities and subcultures with shared needs and interests. A subculture is a group with a shared interest, style, or aesthetic on TikTok. Some of the subcultures can include dancing, comedic skits, and cosplayers. The subcultures often have TikTok hashtags, trends, challenges, and more. The niche community refers to a group of TikTok users united by a common interest.

Therefore, the first step before promoting your TikTok videos is understanding your target audience. You should ensure that the videos you promote appeal to their tastes and emotions. To find your niche community, you can visit the TikTok Creative Center. This will show you the top-performing ads across different industries. It includes some insights into the audience's behavior. 

Optimize TikTok videos using different tools

After determining your audience, your next step should be creating highly captivating content. The good news is that TikTok has a lot of tools to enable you to do that. These include:

Relevant trending music

Go to the TikTok Sound Library to find a track from the thousands of options listed for free. However, if the platform discovers you are a brand account, you must use one of the sounds from the Commercial Music Library. You will find a variety of royalty-free tracks. This is important as it ensures that your videos don't receive strikes for copyright infringement.

Texts and Filters

Filters under categories such as portraits, food, vibe, and landscape can help you change your video’s ambiance. You can also use different fonts to add texts with different fonts, colors, and alignments. Under the editing tools, choose Text and select a duration that defines where the text will appear and disappear in the video.

Add Effects

TikTok provides various tools to improve your TikTok creativity and average video watch time. For instance, the Green Screen effect helps you change the video’s background. To add your desired effect, tap on the Effects library. You will find different effects categories, including New, Trending, interactive, and special effects. You can also preview the different effects.

With the wide range of effects available in the library,  you can easily create attention-grabbing videos even when you don’t have access to the top video production tools. You can also work with a freelancer to help you edit the effects. One option you can use to increase your brand's visibility and awareness is through branded effects. However, you must first become a TikTok partner before using branded effects. Therefore, contact the Partnership team to enroll in the program.

Recorded Voiceover

TikTok also has a voiceover tool that enables you to record your voiceover. The voiceover button is located on the right-hand side of the editing screen. You can pull the voiceover to the space where you want to add it and begin recording.

How to Access the TikTok Promote Feature

As noted earlier, TikTok Promote will enable you to transform your video into a great ad. You can access the TikTok Promote feature through the video settings, the Creator tool, or the Business Suite.

Video settings

Select one of your most popular videos to promote it. After that, go to the Video Settings and choose Promote. Tap on the three dots on the profile page, followed by Settings and Privacy.  If the platform considers you a business account, go to the Business Suite or Top Creator Tool and tap Promote. Choose one of your public videos.

Choose a video promotion goal

You need to determine what you want to achieve while promoting your video. Your goal could be something like:

  • Getting more video views to reach new TikTokers.
  • Increasing traffic to your website.
  • Getting more followers.

Make sure you follow the SMART rules when selecting a goal. That means the goal should be specific, measurable, attractive, relevant, and time-bound. According to marketing experts, you must also decide which part of the buying process you need to appeal to. Consider how the video you will promote will resonate with audiences in different stages of the buying process. A good idea is to use different videos to hit the different stages of the buying journey.

Watch the TikTok analytics

TikTok has an analytics feature that enables you to measure the results of your campaign. You need to use this tool to determine if your promoted videos bring the desired results. You can also use the analytics to:

  • See industry data and trends.
  • Hear the customer's point of view.
  • Mix with your audience and other creators.
  • Identify the experts and influencers in your niche.

 Under the Promotion page, you will see various data such as:

  • Video status: Is it a pending review, active, paused, or rejected?
  • Your Ad spend and the duration of the ad.
  • Views your video has received.
  • If promoting a website, the number of link clicks.
  • Likes, comments, and shares of the video.
  • Gender and age range of your audience.

To see your video Analytics, you can:

  • Tap on Settings on your page.
  • Tap on the three dots on the far right.
  • Tap on Creator Tool, followed by Promote.
  • Tap on See Details.

What Will Happen When You Promote Your TikTok Video?

We have covered the basics of TikTok Promote. However, you may be wondering if it's worth the money. If you understand how to use it effectively, the answer is yes. Here are some of the benefits of TikTok Promote:

More authenticity

Unlike other TikTok advertising methods, such as influencer marketing and TikTok top view ads, TikTok Promote gives you more control. The fact that you are promoting the videos you created also offers you more authenticity.

More views

While engaging videos and using the right hashtags can be beneficial, there are limits to what you can achieve. Remember that the algorithm will also consider other factors, such as the quality of your competitor’s videos and TikTok engagement levels

That means if your competitors create better videos, your video will be preferred less. However, when you use the TikTok Promote feature, you will get more views, no matter the quality of your videos.

Reach new audiences

While this is closely connected to getting more views, you will likely reach new audiences when promoting your TikTok videos. The more people view your video, the more followers you will gain. This is especially true when you create high-quality videos that align with your TikTok marketing goal.

Website marketing

If you are an ecommerce site, one of your goals may be website visits. Once the visitors are at your site, you can then convert them. When using the TikTok Promote feature, you can choose a goal for your campaign, such as a website visit or getting more visitors to your landing page. 

After choosing a goal, you can enter your URL and a CTA goal, such as Shop Now, Contact US, or any other goal. By getting more website clicks, you can ensure that your brand is valuable on the app and even off the app.

Tips For Success When Using TikTok Promote

The results of the TikTok Promote feature depends on various factors, such as the videos' objective, audience, and quality. While the tool will help you get in front of an audience no matter what, you can convince those who view your videos to become your followers. To  ensure better results with TikTok Promote, consider using these tips:

Choose the right objective

When running a campaign, TikTok allows you to choose from various objectives, such as awareness, consideration, or conversion. However, when using the TikTok Promote feature, the goal can be views, followers, or website visitors.

If you promote your TikTok videos to increase awareness, build trust, or expand your name, your goal should be to increase your views and impressions. If your goal is to increase followers and website visits, this can fall under different considerations, such as increasing awareness, interest, or engagement.

Select the right audience

When selecting an audience, you will have two options: custom and automatic. To decide which option to choose, consider how well you understand your target audience. If you haven't taken the time to research and understand your target audience, the automated option will be a better option for you. This option hands over the authority to choose an audience to TikTok.

When you choose “custom,” you have the power to decide your target audience’s demographics. This includes data such as gender, interests, and age range. Therefore, if you understand your target audience well, use the custom option.

Promote your best video

According to TikTok, you should promote your best-performing videos for the best results when using the TikTok Promote feature. Rather than selecting that short video you thought should have gone viral but didn't, choose one that received the highest number of likes and engagement. This is understandable, as it shows that the video resonates with your audience.

Make good quality videos

There are several tips you can use to avoid having blurry TikTok videos. These include:

Ensure that you upload the right video specifications

TikTok doesn't automatically change the quality of your video as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Clip’s recommended size.
  • Recorded and uploaded the video in the right format (MP4 or MOV).
  • You have chosen the right code type.

When recording a video using the TikTok app, the video is automatically set to the right specifications. However, if you upload a previously recorded video, TikTok will edit it before you can upload it.

Choose the right screen resolution

All TikTok videos should have a maximum resolution of 1080P. That means even when you upload a 4K video, TikTok will still downgrade it to 1080P. You can avoid having TikTok edit the quality of your video by uploading 1080P videos.

Use the recommended TikTok video dimensions

Certain video dimensions can help you to avoid blurry videos. These are:

  • If it's an iOS file, the maximum video size should be 286.7 MB. If using Android, the maximum size should be 72 MB.
  • Use a vertical format for all your videos with the aspect ratio dimensions 9:16.
  • TikTok has a universal format container and codec of MP4.H.264.
  • TikTok files are usually in MP4 or MOV format.

Avoid the TikTok uploading glitch

A high quality video can be turned into a blurry video by the TikTok uploading glitch. However, such a blurry video can only be noted by you and not other TikTok users. Therefore, before you delete the video and upload it again, you can try watching it on another device, such as a desktop or iPad. You might be surprised that the video isn't as blurry as it looks on your device.


The TikTok Promote feature has made it easier for TikTok creators to promote their videos. This feature can increase your video views, followers, and website visits. If you are wondering where to start with TikTok Promote, our guide will help you. You can also read our guide on how to promote TikTok videos for free.