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Most powerful marketing tips for Instagram that actually work

Published on 16.05.2020 by Natia

You will need a powerful plan and the right kind of content to engage your current followers and bring them new ones. Some simple tips will actually help to make your brand more influential.

Switch your profile into a Business Account

Having a business account has some clear benefits. Click Button is one of the biggest advantages of it. Via this button, your followers can directly contact you.  Business accounts also let you create Instagram Ads with no need for the advertising tools of Facebook. Use Instagram Insights to get stats about the reach and impressions of your posts.


Use Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to generate leads. They can have endless benefits for your brand. Moreover, you can use them for experimenting with photos, short videos, or live videos.  They will play according to the sequence in which you add them. You can use not such high-quality photos as in your regular posts. Tools like Canva and InVideo will help to create impressive images and videos. Face filters will also make it easy to create more eye-catching visuals. You can also use the Tag feature for your stories. So, if you are in collaboration with some other brands, you can tag them.


Collaborate with other Influencers

The fastest way to reach your potential customers is to do it with the influencers who have a more significant audience range. Nowadays, more and more people trust those influencers they follow on Instagram. Accordingly, they buy products and services more quickly if they see them on their newsfeed. Try to choose the influential people who are somehow relevant to the product or service that you are promoting.