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How to gain new and maintain current Instagram Followers

Published on 04.07.2020 by Natia

Gaining new Instagram followers is, of course, important to grow your audience. But it is also essential to maintain the existing followers.

If you need to build a loyal audience, it's time to think about how to create catching content all the time. Having a realistic but ambitious plan can make your path a little bit easier.

Monitor all new and existing followers

To have a better understanding of your followers, you will need to monitor your audience. The essential part of monitoring is finding out who has followed or unfollowed you recently. Only after that, you will be able to analyze how successfully you manage your account, how relevant your content is, and how well you understand what Instagram Marketing actually means.

There are some apps like "Followers" to make the process simple.  The app has a free version that gives you access to information about your new followers, as well as about the accounts which unfollowed you or haven’t followed you back.


Re-plan your Hashtag Strategy

Your hashtags should extend your audience. But it’s a wasting of time if your followers do not fit your business niche. Some people just follow back if you follow them. But if they are not interested in your content, they can only benefit the number of your followers, which may attract the new ones.

Still, it would be best if you had the audience, most of which will be engaged with your posts or will not unfollow you after discovering that you are out of their interest.

So, if you notice that your followers are not usually passionate about your content, maybe it's time to reassess your hashtag strategy and consider creating a new unique Hashtag for your brand