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Top 3 easy tips to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Published on 06.05.2020 by Natia

In order to generate engagement and become an influencer, you should make sure that all of your posts include content that is somehow valuable to some of your followers

Test to find out at what time of a day your posts engage most of your audience

First of all, you should determine the best time of day and even the best days of the week when to post on Instagram to be sure that your posts will engage more than enough of your followers.

Pay attention when exactly your audience is most active. Most frequently, it depends on your target audience's age and gender.

The determining process should also include testing of post frequency. You should think about your audience and determine what and when they want to see. Then try to think about why they would like to interact with your content.


Use Varied Content Mix

All of the social media accounts that are having high-engagement usually vary their videos, links, and photos. You'd better if you post your informative content through pictures or videos (or both).

Make sure that your posts are unique and varied.

Also, pay attention to the quality of your photos. They should be eye-catching as well. There are a lot of easy editing tools available.


Make sure that your IG Bio is always fresh and up-to-date.

If you use Instagram for your business, your Bio must include your contact info like address or website. Take into consideration that there must be less than 150 characters. Emojis and Hashtags can also be added. 

Instagram bios keep it unique and force accounts to be more creative. It’s the biggest opportunity to draw your followers’ attention to anything like an important event or a current campaign