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Simple Tips to Actually Engage Your Facebook Audience

Published on 01.08.2020 by Natia

In recent years, the engagement rate on Facebook pages has reduced by 20%. But there still exist some tips to combat this fall and keep increasing your Page's engagement. All of the following ways are already tested and proven actually to work.

Focus on Quality rather than Quantity

We can share high-quality content only in case we post only once or twice a day. If you post more frequently, you probably struggle each time to find great enough content. As you know, finding or creating valuable content usually takes time. So, if you feel that while posting several times a day, you cannot maintain the content quality because of lacking time, you should change your strategy. It is always a better idea to focus on quality rather than quantity.


Post when your audience is online

Of course, there is no universal best time for posting on Facebook. You should find your own best period of time when most of the fans of your brand are online. If you look through your data in your Facebook Page Insights, you can get the needed information about when your fans are online for each weekday.


Go Live

In 2020, it seems Facebook has tweaked their algorithm in order to rank the live videos higher while they are still live. The engagement rate on Live Videos is about ten times higher than on regular videos. Also, when you go live, no matter they watch the video or not, it subtly encourages your fans to check out your Facebook page.