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5 Innovative Methods of Increasing Your YouTube Likes

Published on 16.10.2020 by Ice Geek

As we continue to live in highly competitive times, it becomes increasingly difficult for one to make a name for oneself, particularly on YouTube. With the online video space becoming oversaturated with makers of videos vying for viewers’ time, a lot of people are taking the easy path when they buy targeted  YouTube views, likes, and subscribers so that they rank better on YouTube search engines.

People also buy YouTube views to either make a monkey of its algorithms or to convince people that many people have seen their videos and so should they. However, as a content creator or marketer who wants to increase your YouTube views free of cost, it will take a long time before you see results. If you execute this right, you will get increased views and will be able to grow your content and viewership.

So, if it is possible to increase YouTube likes, how do you go about it?

Here are 5 ways to achieve that:

How to Increase YouTube Likes and Views

  • Ensure Your Titles are Highly Descriptive and Keyword-Rich

If your keyword research is perfect, you will have an interesting headline and descriptive too. This will make your title more relevant and will attract readers and inform them of the use of the video. Take care to see that your content is optimized for highly-searched keywords which will fetch you organic views by users.

  • Use Video Tags

By incorporating video tags, your content will stand out from the rest. The algorithm will understand what your audience will see in your video. Your tags, title, and description will indicate the subject of your video.

  • Get More Views with an Optimized Thumbnail Image

By optimizing your thumbnail image on the organic results page or when on social media, your video is sure to get higher views. If your images are of high-quality and come with attractive and readable fonts, it will help you get enhanced views.

  • Closed Captions or Transcripts

Closed caption cater to international viewership, so they bring in more and better rankings on YouTube.

  • Educational or Entertaining Content

Whether your video content educates or entertains viewers, it should offer value to them. It should keep them engaged so that they come back to you for more of the same and so increase viewership.


Increasing your views on YouTube takes a lot of time. This platform is so built that it can ensure that the content it hosts always reaches its users.