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In Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok Part II

Published on 14.03.2021 by Nika Kiradze

In the first part of the guideline, we talked about two important factors. Firstly, we focused on the 'latest trends' and mixing them with your passion/work niche. The second tip was related to the shortness of the videos. Yes, the future belongs to the short videos - that's why TikTok got more massive than people expected. We all want to know about the sport "Golf" in just 30 seconds, and TikTok content creators do their best to put all the possible information in 30 seconds or even 40 seconds. Future belongs to the short videos, and it's not a surprise. Most of the people from "Gen Z" suffer from Ad/HD. It's a mental issue when a person is hyperactive and can't focus on one thing for more than a few seconds. That's why short videos have more viewers in 2021. Today we will focus on two more tips that could be interesting for content creators.


Duets / Reverse duets

TikTok has an exciting feature. You can duet with your idea or simply play along with the tip of the original video. Keep in mind that duets are one of the most successful features of TikTok. You can duet anyone - favourite celebrity, content creator, etc. You are not limited to any particular user. It's a perfect way to get attention from millions of users of TikTok. 

You can duet a viral video with your twist. It may turn out to be better than the original video. In most cases, twists (it could be a comedy, drama, etc.) sometimes get more recognition. That's why you can use duet features and let the people decide who did it better. You can put your business product or service similarly. Just duet a viral video with your product/service and connect those two. We can take an example from the official account of "Ryanair'. The company operates in 'budget flights', and they jump on every possible trend that easily connects their services/products. They tend to create duets that get extensive viewership (check the image below - it's the official TikTok account of airline company "Ryanair".)


Create a trend to become popular

If you want to become famous on TikTok, it's essential to understand how the platform works. There is one big secret - you have to create an original trend. Let's take a look at one particular trend - it was in the dance industry. The most popular TikTok user, "Charli D'amelio", had one dance ", Renegade", which gave her immense popularity. Although Charli was not a creator of the dance trend, she stuck with it for a few months, and that's why she succeeded. You can create a trend or hop onto the other's, but it's essential to stay with it for a long time. Don't jump from one to another without even sticking to one for a long time (Check the image below - it's visible that dance trend 'renegade' was very popular at some point).