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Three Real Reasons why Instagram is the Best Platform for Marketing

Published on 18.08.2020 by Natia

Most people think that Instagram was created for only sharing photos. But actually, it is the best platform where you can promote your small business. With more than a billion monthly active users, Instagram gives you the ability to connect with your followers as a brand.


As you know, Instagram focuses attention on photos more than any other social media platform. Here your photo is the main event, so it should be sharp, clear, and provocative. People usually scroll past all photos that do not intrigue them. It means you need a high-quality photo to make your followers think and stop enough to engage.



Photos can tell the whole story. Still, captions are essential. Once you capture your followers’ attention, you will need to have an interesting caption to drive people to take action or engage. Otherwise, people will most likely not understand what you want them to do. For the biggest engagement, you can ask a question at the end of your caption or finish it with a call to action.


Mobile Usage

Instagram is an online platform that only allows its users to post their photos from mobile devices. That may seem like a disadvantage for some businesses. But keep in mind that more than 4/5 of social media browsing is from mobile devices.

Usually, people have their phones with them all the time. Most buyers look up product reviews or compare prices by using their mobile phones before deciding to buy something. So, building a presence on Instagram is still very profitable