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10 TikTok Content ideas to gain new followers

Published on 23.12.2022 by Jacob Turner

Although there is considerable controversy around TikTok from time to time, the social media platform sets hundreds of trends daily. Even big news outlets confirm that they are focusing energy and money in 2023 on TikTok. Why should you get active on TikTok and get more followers? There are many answers to it. 


If you have creative TikTok content ideas, 2023 will be massive for you and your company. Whether you want personal recognition or more sales for the company, TikTok is the best in 2023. The short-video application has a big presence now, and now it's beefing with extensive networks like Meta, ABC and Twitter. In 2023, TikTok is planning to hire more people while other giant social networks are slashing their staff due to the upcoming economic recession. What's needed for big success on this platform? Creative content daily. Yes, you've read it correctly - posting creative content daily and not stopping, whether it's getting the big organic reach. TikTok's algorithm is still a mystery, but the team behind SocialWick has an exciting approach. We want to share 10 TikTok content ideas for you to gain new and active followers.


10 TikTok content ideas to gain more organic followers


Share a tutorial for a TikTok community


In this post, we will not start explaining what's a good start-up plan for TikTok. SocialWick's team already wrote numerous guidelines on having a perfect account set-up (account, finding a niche, KW research, etc.) We will go straight to the ideas. The first big idea for attracting new followers is tutorials. You can share a niche-specific tutorial and attract more people interested in it. Millions of internet users search for tutorials on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. That's your chance to grab attention and boost engagement quickly.


How to share a tutorial on TikTok?


Per the official page of TikTok, there are a few ways to share a tutorial on TikTok:


Step N1 - Select a “+” button;


Step N2: TikTok will give you a few options. You have to choose the 'upload video from the device' button. Before this, you need to have a video ready on the device (it could be iPhone, Android, iPad, Laptop, etc.). Creating a video with natural lighting and a 'camera' option is always better. TikTok's chance to screen a video through the platform could make it blurry or not have good lighting. No worries, you can still edit the video before publishing (through the app);


Step N3 - Tap the 'check' mark after uploading a video (you can make a few adjustments, for instance, colors, lighting, following the trend, adding favorite sound, etc.)


Step N4: Publish the video.


How to become better at sharing tutorials? 


There are a few examples of how to get better at sharing tutorials on TikTok. SocialWick's team is closely following the biggest trendsetters on TikTok. If you check the TikTok account @cheatsheets, you'll see that they are educating people in excel (computer and cloud-based excels). 5+ million users follow this account to get daily hacks to solve issues while at work. It means that the account is good at creating and sharing tutorials. Also, they are solving particular problems and getting more attention. You'll always get big engagement if you solve very niche-specific issues (no matter if the niche audience is significant or not). It means that you are helping TikTok users solve real-life problems. 


Try a viral food recipe


Food is the most significant trend in every social network. No matter if it's TikTok, Pinterest or Instagram. Food will always attract more users, so why not jump into this trend? This is one of the creative TikTok content ideas for a few years and won't lose actual "weight". 



How to try a viral food recipe?


You can use the TikTok search section. Go for 'food' or 'recipe' and get the trendy videos. It's a must to go into the functions and adjust to the date. You can choose the last seven days; TikTok will show you the latest viral food or recipe-related videos. The previous seven days are essential because trendy food or recipes have to have momentum on the platform. Then carefully read the comments and understand how to prepare that food (or creatively use the recipe). Shoot a video and upload it on the platform - after this, you should wait for magic (boosting engagement and gaining new followers).


Try the latest dance videos


If you are a vigorous user of TikTok, you know it's filled with dance videos. TikTok was initially focused on dance trends. Over time, the app has been transformed into an all-niche network. As of now, TikTok has all the possible niches and millions of influencers. 


How to try the latest dance video?


The team behind SocialWick has already published an extensive guidelines on the latest dancing trends on the platform. You can find the guideline here. Read this guideline, and follow the simple instructions on how to find and try the latest dance videos. TikTok's search bar is your friend here again. Search for the "dance" hashtag and adjust the settings. 



Show people 'behind the scenes


TikTok users love to see how people live, work and socialize. Here is your advantage if you have a very interesting life. No, you don't have to travel ten times a week and drive a Lamborghini for fun. Interesting life means having a job, having friends to socialize with and having fun on weekends. It's sustainable as an idea to post on a platform. Showing people your life (or business process) behind the scenes is one of the most creative TikTok content ideas for 2023. 


How to shoot a video for a 'behind the scenes' trend?


It's not hard to shoot that type of video. Everything starts with planning. Ask yourself a few questions:


  • - What's your daily routine?
  • - When do you meet your friends?
  • - Do you have a very unique (or plain interesting) meeting with new people or visiting a new venue (or even attending an event) for that day?


Carefully plan what's on your daily schedule. Shoot every possible 'event' in your day, and create a short video with the voiceover. With your voice, you can explain to people what you were doing at a specific day-time. 


Spotlight your employees and boost engagement


It's the most straightforward TikTok content idea you'll ever come up with. If the business has employees, then it's 'free' content material. You can show everyone how the people in the company feel and organize their daily work routine. When the company has various directions (HR, Marketing team, developers team, etc.), show TikTok users a minimum of one of the team members. 


How to create a video like this?


Please choose the first person and give them a task. Let them take a company's camera (or ask them to use their smartphone - it will make the content more believable. When TikTok users watch in-person content, they believe in the outcome more than videos shot by expensive cameras.), show every aspect of the working day. Let them be free and talk about their daily tasks, routine and interaction with other employees without hesitation. It would be best if you did not put a taboo on anything because TikTok users are brilliant. The TikTok community is active and will quickly judge whether it's an authentic daily routine. Being genuine will help boost the brand name and increase engagement. 


Answer the TikTok user's questions (Q&A)


If you are a heavy user of TikTok, then you already know that TikTok has a Q&A section. In this case, we don't touch that feature. We are interested in creating high-quality content, and you are reading this blog to understand unique TikTok content ideas. We will use question-type of videos to our advantage. No matter the type of niche and TikTok account. Whether it's personal branding or promoting the company's offer or name, you should answer (with videos) questions of the TikTok users. Do they want to learn more about the offer of the company? Create a video explaining every possible feature of the offer. You should focus more on emotions and what problem will be solved by the product/service if they buy it. In that way, you are increasing the number of videos on TikTok and staying engaged with the followers. TikTok's algorithm wants to see your 'video answers' to the questions of the platform users. 


How to create a 'Q&A' video?


If it's a company profile, then choose one person. They will be responsible for answering questions from TikTok users. Make sure that questions are responded to for at most 5-7 days. Your obligation is to follow TikTok algorithm rules to get more engagement and organic reach. The TikTok algorithm favors accounts that answer to their fans in the first 24 hours. You increase the chances of going viral (staying on the "For You" page for more than 24 hours) and getting more deserved recognition. 


Use Voice Overs on TikTok for bigger engagement 


TikTok was very popular for voiceovers and lip-synced back in 2020. The pandemic hit hard and many businesses were closed. The first big success of TikTok came in early 2020 when everyone was at home behind the closed door. The pandemic was so brutal that people started using the app's voiceover and lip sync features. In many cases, voiceovers and lip-syncs are so sunny, calming or motivating that people can't stop watching them. So, they watch it over and over again. When the user watches your video a minimum of twice, it increases your chance of going viral. No matter the niche, try to diversify the creativity of the published content and create voiceovers. 


How to create Voice Overs on TikTok 


Making your VoiceOver is easy and opens up opportunities for creativity with your content! Here are a few steps to help you get started:


1. Record your voiceover: You can record a voiceover using any phone or recording device with a microphone. Using headphones will help ensure only your recording is captured and there won't be any background noise.


2. Edit The Recording: Once you have recorded your voiceover, use audio editing software to clean up the sound and make any necessary adjustments. This step is essential in ensuring that your voiceover sounds professional and transparent.


3. Add Music: Music helps bring emotion to your recordings and adds depth and texture to the soundscape. Make sure to choose tracks from royalty-free sources, so you don't face copyright issues later on!


4. Upload Your Voiceover To TikTok: Finally, once you have finished recording, editing, and adding music, upload it directly onto TikTok alongside your video content! With these simple steps, you will soon create excellent voiceovers for your TikTok videos!


Workout videos are always in demand 


Transforming your body, losing weight or getting in good shape was never out of the question. Everyone around the globe wants to get into the best shape of their lives. No matter whether they have a six-pack already or want to lose excessive weight. It's a natural feeling to lose weight and look better. That's why fitness and workout videos will have a big demand no matter the year. TikTok became the top-motivational platform for people focusing on the gym. Somehow, TikTok created a community bigger than forums, groups or private masterminds. In the comments sections of the fitness videos, you'll see thousands of people (of any age) giving advice and planning to do things together. That's why TikTok holds great power, especially in the workout niche.


What type of videos should you create for the 'fitness' niche? 


The fitness community on TikTok is always trying to get better. It's important to give advice about workout regimes, nutrition, sleep and quality of life. Fitness is more than just doing workouts and not thinking about it for the rest of the day. You should clear your mind before a workout, eat healthy for a whole day, and sleep on time. So, that's why 'workout' and 'fitness' videos need to be about the overall lifestyle rather than doing push-ups correctly. 


Host a livestream on TikTok


Per the rules of TikTok, you should be at least 16 to host a Livestream. Another limitation is that an account must have a minimum of 1000 followers. You can buy TikTok followers from SocialWick to have an ideal start-up for the streaming journey.


If you follow those two simple rules, TikTok live streaming allows users to engage with their audience by providing interactive content such as Q&A sessions, discussions, tutorials, and more. It also provides an excellent platform for creators to showcase their talents and passions directly to their viewers. With the Livestream feature on TikTok, users can bring exciting new content to life!


How to host a live stream on TikTok?


1. Open the TikTok app and tap the '+' icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.


2. Tap 'Go Live'. This will open up the Livestream screen, where you can start broadcasting your live video!


3. Adjust any settings as needed, such as enabling or disabling comments and allowing viewers to send virtual gifts during your stream.


4. You can also add effects, music, stickers, etc., to make your broadcast more interesting for viewers.


5. Once ready, hit 'Start Livestream' to go live!


6. When you are finished, hit the 'Stop Livestream' button at the top of your screen to end your broadcast and save it for later viewing! With these basic steps, you can now use TikTok's impressive live stream feature!


Use the duet and stitch features for more organic reach


Have you found the funniest video on the platform? Well, do not hesitate and share it with your followers. The same scenario could be used for any video. If you see an exciting business idea, share it with the masses. The TikTok team got a perfect view of how you can do it. "Duet" and "Stitch" features are the best. Thousands of TikTok users stitch the videos or create duets. For instance, people use duet features during singing, dancing, exercising and other-type challenges. 


How to use a duet feature on TikTok? 


1. Find the video you want to duet with and tap the 'Duet' button.


2. You can then shoot your video footage or select an existing video from your library for the other side of the split screen.


3. Add effects, music, text, and stickers to make your side of the video unique!


4. Tap 'Post' when you are finished to upload it as a new duet video. 


With the Duet feature, you can create fun and engaging content that will keep your followers entertained!