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Popular trends on TikTok

Published on 21.07.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

TikTok was the most downloaded application in 2020. It was no surprise that the application got fame during the pandemic. Video content with instant gratification can make wonder. So, the success of TikTok was not delayed. There are millions of users searching for popular trends on TikTok. If you are looking for the popular trends on TikTok, then you've come to the right place. We will cover the most popular trend of the platforms in the second quarter of 2021.


What are the most popular trends on Tiktok?




Since there are so many videos on Tiktok, the content is all around similar. Most of the users were interested in Funny Auditions on Tiktok. Comedy auditions are very common for talent shows such as America's Got Talent. But now, this genre has become popular among the public who have a keen interest to watch funny auditions or try it themselves with their friends and family. If you want an eye-opener, then you must check out these funny audition videos. In short, people love to make fun of others even though they want to see them performing some fantastic stuff!



With the renegade trend, you can either dance just like the majority of the users or perform any stunts & tricks on your bicycle in front of the camera. It's an all-time stunt game where people will try to make a good video out of this. If you don't have enough courage, then indeed there are thousands of people who would be ready for their shows.

The trend renegade (dance part) was primarily used by the famous TikTok influencer - Charlie Damelio. There is no doubt that Charlie is one of the most influential personalities on TikTok, and her #RenegadeTikTokChallenge has gained massive attention in just days. Even Jimmy Fallon asked Charlie to dance the trend during the night show live.



The baby meme has become a trend, and people are posting inspirational quotes with their babies. It's a new way to send quotes, and everything related to it happens on TikTok. As of now, there are millions of videos on the hash-tag mentioned above. So, the trend keeps growing daily.

The popularity of this application is so immense that even the brands have started advertising on TikTok. The trends made the application very popular. The marketers used this powerful platform, therefore, trends to endorse their products in the most creative ways possible. If you also want to promote your business, you can check our TikTok service page for professional help. (check the image below - #babiesOfTikTok has 22+ billion views)