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Top Tiktok songs

Published on 30.07.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

TikTok became a big trend in 2020. Lockdowns played a significant role in the development of the application. Even the motto of the company became different - 'we create trends'. It seems that user-generated content is getting more recognition. The video content even captured in 'vertical' style could reach millions of views. The most exciting part is the function where you can add a song to the videos. So, let's talk about the popular tunes of TikTok.


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How to add desired tracks on TikTok

If you want to add a song, go to the app and search for your desired music. If it is available on this application, you can click on the 'add to video'. Keep in mind that some songs are not available in particular regions. So, if the song is available in your area, it's easy to add to the video. You will be directed to the next screen where you have to choose between 2 options - pick one of them according to your choice.

Then follow the instructions which are given by this app. You can add videos from your phone or take a new video within this app. Once done, tap on the save option provided at the bottom of that screen. It's easy to edit and cut songs along with the video. For editing TikTok allows users to apply filters, stickers, text, voice change, photos, etc.


SupaLonely - Benee

New Zealand born musicians became true legends of TikTok. Her track called "Supalonely" went viral on TikTok in the first quarter of the year. Millions of users created video trends based on her track. In the latest interview with the local newspapers, she said that 2020 was unexpected. She became very popular along with the tracks. Benee noted that she will always be grateful to TikTok because of being given a chance.


Russ Millions - Body

The latest hit became the track called "Body". Russ Millions uploaded a video on the song, and soon it became the trend on TikTok. The first quarter of 2021 was best for Russ' track. Millions of users used music to create their trendy videos. Just like Benee, Russ Millions got lucky because the timing was perfect for the TikTok community. (Check the image below - Russ Millions hashtag has more than 128+ million views)


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