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Top Content Creators of TikTok

Published on 26.07.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

Since TikTok merged with Musical.ly, the app has seen a massive rise in traffic. The pandemic and lockdowns were the most significant drop in the ocean of TikTok's success. The platform got considerable attention, and even the former President of the US wanted to block it in America. It seems that TikTok has had the most significant growth in recent years. The application remains the top downloaded in App Store and Google Play store since 2020. There are thousands of content creators that have significant engagement from followers. Let's discuss the top 2 creators on the platform.

Let's start!


Charlie Damelio

The youngster became obsessed with TikTok in the summer of 2019. After downloading the application, she started creating content - dancing alone or with friends. Soon, her videos became viral, and now she is the most significant influencer on the platform. She is a 17-year-old girl that lives in Los Angeles. It's hard to believe that she already has over 100+ million followers, and her popularity keeps rising every day. Her content consists of dance videos, challenges, dares and other fun things. Charlie is just showing the world her talent. She says that it gives her confidence and makes her feel happy inside. Charlie Damelio will be the perfect example for girls around the world who want to become famous through TikTok! Charlie listened to marketers and started cross-promoting her brand. She became famous on YouTube (with millions of subscribers) and Facebook too. (Check the image below - Charlie Damelio has 121+ million followers as of now)


Addison Rae

She is a very close friend of Charlie and Dixie Damelio. Addison started her "TikTok career" just like Charlie. After downloading the application, she became obsessed with the new challenges, dance moves and virality. What do we know about Addison Rae? She is a 20-year old girl from California that moved to Los Angeles just like Charlie. She became popular on the platform with her lip sync videos and dancing clips. Addison was in the "Hype House" along with Charlie Damelio. Her most viewed video on TikTok has over 105 million likes! Addison Rae says that she wants to be an actress in Hollywood, which helped her get there. She is currently working with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). What's next for this talented girl - no one knows, but we wish her the best of luck! (Check the image below - Addison has 82+ million folowers as of now)