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Biggest TikTok houses ever existed

Published on 22.07.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

Welcome to the 21st century - the times when you can get millions of followers on TikTok and then get an invitation to live in the luxury mansions. Don't get confused - it's the real-life we are living now. If you have millions of followers and requirements of particular 'houses' of the app, then you'll be invited right away. There are many TikTok houses where different creators collaborate and create more content. They live in luxurious mansions and have fun entertaining followers.



Sway House

The most popular TikTok collaboration is 'sway house'. Sway house was started by 'Caleb & Kelsey' and many Tik Tok creators joined. This is what it looks like. The names have changed (since the creation of the 'house'), but there are still many active creators in the house that entertain their followers with different videos and pictures. Noah Beck, Was Jaden, Bryce Hall and other big names from TikTok were performing and collaborating. TikTok users believe that "Sway House" is almost over because big names like Noah or Bryce are not part of the team anymore, so the team lost real value.


Hype House

Another big team on TikTok is 'hype house'. From the start, the house had many big names like 'Danii Garcia'. Danii was famous among TikTok users. She has done great in videos and created a collaboration with other creators on her own. But then she disappeared from social media and wasn't heard again. We found out that she moved out from Hype house in a couple of weeks, where she didn't hear for almost six months.

In 2020, more prominent names joined "Hype House". Charlie Damelio, her sister Dixie, Addison Rae and others. Keep in mind that Charlie and Addison are the most prominent personalities on the platform. Charlie Damelio has 120+ million followers on TikTok and gets 10+ million views on each video. Addison Rae is on the same route - she has more than 82 million followers. (check the image below - Addison gets 10+ million views per video on average)