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3 Hacks for Instagram stories

Published on 14.05.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

Instagram stories have power when it comes to conversion rate. In 2021 when every business is rushing to the online world, we have to stand out from the crowded competition to get more customers. In this case, Instagram stories are the perfect way to monetize your products/service. Scarcity and urgency are delivered from Instagram stories. Online shops are trying to create urgency with different buttons, and Instagram created that feeling for you, and you are not ready to use it? Instagram users know that IG story will be available only for 24 hours, so they have the urgency to check them anyway. Experts compare Instagram stories with the “Email boom” in the 1990s because 90% of the platform users open stories just like people did back then with emails. So, today we will share with you three hacks for IG Stories that can help you improve visibility and get higher CR.

Let's start!


Don’t sleep on Background images.

It’s essential to have a very beautiful colour as a background image. Most of the IG users miss this chance. You can easily add background images to the story content. For instance, do you want to promote a product through an IG story? Add a background with particular color patterns to have a psychological influence on the potential customers. For instance, adding green colours in the background may increase the conversion rate. In the end, everything comes to a test. You can split the test and try adding different images. When you add regular image or text in the “Story”, then you add funny background images just like it’s visible in the image below:


Add a link to the story

When you are growing a brand page on Instagram, it’s important to get more than 10 000 followers. Why is it so important? When you reach 10 000 followers on Instagram, you can add a link in the ‘story’. As mentioned above, ‘story’ is a powerful marketing hack that you can use in your marketing strategy. So, adding a link in the ‘story’ is a brainer. That’s why every marketer should use jump-start strategies from SocialWick and buy Instagram followers for a perfect start to the journey. 


Share IGTV videos story.

Instagram experts know that there is another way to add a link to the story. You can’t add a direct link in the story before achieving 10 000 followers, but there is another route, but it may lose your potential customers. Create an IGTV video and add it to your page. Add a link and text in the description of the IGTV content and share it on ‘story’.