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Start with streaming industry buy Twitch views for better results

Published on 08.06.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

The streaming industry became very big on the internet. Twitch is the centre of the gaming stream space. Along with Gaming, Twitch is now making a name in other industries too. For instance, Gaming is not dominant on the platform anymore. There are many influencers on the platform that streams different stuff. If you want to start with the streaming industry, you should buy Twitch views to get better results. We will go into the details below. Justin Kan is a co-founder of Twitch, and now he is very active on YouTube. You can check his YouTube channel here. Justin Kan suggests everyone start live streaming because it's the future. Pandemic has shown that people are looking for more live content. That's why Twitch became so prominent in 2020. Amazon bought Twitch from Justin Kan back in 2014. They paid $950 million for the platform. Currently, the value of Twitch is more than 15 billion dollars. Kan says that Amazon developed the platform into another level of streaming space. Let's talk about the little tips on how to improve your visibility on the platform.

Let's start with tips


Buy Twitch views for a better start.

When you buy Twitch views, the algorithm thinks that your streaming is getting sudden fans. It automatically means that the algorithm can grant you organic views and rank in the streaming system. Your streaming may be recommended to random people interested in the same stuff. So, it's better to start a Twitch journey by buying Twitch views and followers.


Computer or smartphone?

In one of his videos, Justin answered questions about computers and smartphones. So, everyone thinks that to get more Twitch viewers, you should use a high-quality computer. It has to be a gaming laptop or PC to satisfy the quality request of Twitch. Justin said that there is no difference between high and low-quality computers when it comes to an algorithm. Twitch's algorithm is straightforward yet exciting - it grants an organic views stream that offers uniqueness to the platform and community. Twitch is a very friendly and big community. So, if your stream provides something unique and essential, then algorithm views give you a boost for more views (check the image below - you see that videos on smartphone gaming stream gets millions of views, so people are interested in smartphone streaming).


Stream something that has a big community but low competition

Everyone is streaming Roblox, League of Legends and games like that. Yes, popular games are suitable for a start, but you should stay relevant all the time. That's why you need to do research. Before you buy Twitch views for algorithm boost, you need good research for the streaming niche. Our expert tip would be to find games or any niche with a massive community but low competition. It's easy to see the competition - check for a particular sub-niche and discover whether there are many streamers with 100 000+ live viewers. If there are only 1-3 streamers with a significant number of live viewers, then you've found a winner. It's not easy to find the winning sub-niche, but you should do research frequently to find it.