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Buy engagement on TikTok

Published on 17.07.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

Most businesses want to start with the digital platform. Pandemic has shown that nothing is guaranteed in the offline business world. The governments can put everyone in lockdown. In that scenario, offline businesses suffer a lot. That's why digital marketing became a powerful weapon in the hands of marketers. Most of the offline companies invested a lot in the WWW space. As for online social platforms, TikTok was the biggest winner. We saw the rise of TikTok but keep in mind that it was not a fairy-tale start-up roadmap. TikTok was not founded by the tech-savvy guys and got billions of dollars in cash investments. TikTok is the merger of two big social companies. Musically and Bytedance were merged into TikTok, and then the new trend was born. TikTok was the most successful social platform of a pandemic.


Importance of TikTok in marketing strategy

Why is TikTok important for businesses? It is because there are billions of people using it, and they can influence your customers. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc., all have a small market size compared to TikTok. If you want to grow your business, then Instagram may not be enough for sure. Instagram has 600 million monthly active users, but TikTok is the only platform having more than 500 million users every month with the video content. IG became popular due to high-quality content (images & stories), but video dominance is only for TikTok. Tiktok dominates the Short-video industry, and this will be so for upcoming months. TikTok allows businesses to reach millions of people on one single social platform on any topic that matters for their campaigns. It offers strong engagement, which increases visibility among billions of users on the platform itself.


Buy TikTok engagement

If you want to build a community that stays active, then you should buy services from SocialWick. Please start with the comment sections because it's a different universe on the platform. People not only watch short videos on Tiktok but stay engaged with the comment sections. It's better to buy TikTok comments and get more attention from potential customers. SocialWick delivers high-quality services, including active and loyal followers of TikTok. TikTok comments are critical because people want to stay involved in that section and the idea of the video. (check the image below - Charlie's videos are always perfect display of big engagement on the platform. Young influencers gets millions of likes and 80 000+ comments on average per video - it's achievable with the right strategy and help)


Comments are important on TikTok

TikTok users can change their opinion based on the comments they receive. We saw Instagram becoming famous because of likes and shares. Instagram is such a platform where people post stories and get likes from others. On TikTok, it's how you manage the comments section, which has built it into this huge company now. That's why you need to buy comments on Tiktok or else you will be lost in the competition. Potential customers want to see validation of the product/service in the comment section.