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Instagram Trending in 2021 The Future of Instagram

Published on 25.04.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

Are you looking for an article about the latest trends of Instagram? Maybe you want to know what is hot right now on Instagram? What should you do on Instagram in 2021 to get more popular, get more likes on my posts? Well, if so then we have got you covered! You'll find out what's trending now and also what will be trending by 2021. We've even included some tips to help with your account. Read ahead to learn how to become a successful influencer in just 5 steps!


Content is a king

It's not a big surprise that content is still a king. You should create high quality content to get more exposure on Instagram. Why is content important for marketing?  According to the latest research, in 2020 Instagram users posted more than 95 million photos and videos every single day. And this number is growing rapidly. You want your content to be seen by as many people as possible because it will help you get higher engagement rates on your posts - what matters most for getting popular on social media (and with brands). Content is the key to success in social media, and it's especially important for Instagram influencers because of their specific audience - Millennials are a huge part of this demographic on Instagram (and other networks). They have grown up with social media as an integral part of daily life; they're used to scrolling through hundreds or thousands of images and videos.


Instagram stories matter in 2021

It's visible that Instagram stories have a better chance to get more customers or followers.  Why? It's because Instagram stories are creating a more humanistic connection with the brands and follower at the same time. Here are the main tips on how to get better Instagram stories:

  • Have a story that is relevant to your brand.

  • Keep the content fresh, unique and interesting!

  • Use emojis in text posts for more engagement from followers (e.g., "I'm feeling :-)" or "excited about").

  • Curate images with location tags on them so people who are interested in your offers (content that could be converted into the revenue)


Instagram reels are more relevant than ever

Instagram "reels" is getting popular every day. It's visible that TikTok has a new competition and some of TikTok users are already replacing it with Instagram Reels. Here is how to get better at Instagram reels:

  • Don't use too many filters in a row.

  • Use only one filter at the time and change the background to keep it fresh.

  • Don't make videos that last more than 20 seconds or they will bore people quickly.

  • Keep your video short but attention-grabbing!

  • Reversing clips can be fun sometimes and use it weekly or even bi-weekly.