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Instagram marketing tips that work in 2021

Published on 12.04.2021 by Leyla Vashakmadze

After the creation of Instagram, the platform became the trendiest app around the globe. People started sharing images and videos on this app, and eventually, it grew like no one was expecting. Facebook’s internal team knew about the endless possibilities of Instagram, so they brought IG for more than 1 billion dollars in just one year. Instagram is one of the trendiest apps right now. Product/service owners have to focus more on this app. Remember that there are 800 million active monthly users and 600 million posts (images/videos/reels/stories, etc.) uploaded every month. It’s the engine that every business has to explore. In this post, you’ll learn more about the tips that can change your perspective on Instagram marketing strategy in 2021.

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User-generated content is the future.

You probably heard about TikTok. The Chinese-based company created an entertainment app that does not have resources for content creation. TikTok’s biggest secret is that platform is full of user-generated content. The same scenario has to be used on Instagram. Since 2020, everything changed, and we see how regular users are dominating social platforms. The same trend is going on with Instagram. That’s why you should make a new ‘norm’ – upload more user generate content (UGC). In this way, you give your regular followers a clear signal that the company cares more about the regular followers than tremendous and high-quality content creation teams. The ordinary audience approves UGC because those photos and videos make more sense. (check the image below - Apple's IG page is full of user generated content).

Instagram REELS – competition with TikTok

It’s not a surprise that social networks have beef in most cases. TikTok and Instagram became direct competitors, although they have a different focus. First of all, Instagram created the same feature that TikTok has. Secondly, Instagram makes a serious announcement – all the videos uploaded on IG with the TikTok logo will get a very low organic reach. That’s a clear sign that Instagram went into the war with TikTok. Instagram reels are the perfect way to express yourself. It could be through dancing, singing, exercising or other activities.