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TikTok Dance Trends right now

Published on 19.09.2022 by Jaba Scoffield

There are many reasons why Dance is popular. One reason is that it is a fun way to exercise. It is also a great way to meet new people and make friends. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy the Dance. It is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mood. Dance can also be used as a form of self-expression. There are many different styles of Dance, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like to watch or participate, Dance is a great activity to get involved in.


Dance Culture In Today's World

Dance culture has changed significantly over the past few decades. Traditionally, Dance was primarily associated with ballroom dancing or other traditional dance forms. However, today, Dance encompasses a much more comprehensive range of styles and genres.

There are now many different types of Dance that people can enjoy, from hip hop to salsa to contemporary ballet. Dance is no longer just for entertainment; it can also be used as a form of exercise or therapy. Despite these changes, some things have remained constant in Dance. The importance of rhythm, movement and music remains at the heart of all successful dances.

Plenty of resources are available if you want to learn more about dance culture in today's world. There are numerous books, websites and magazines devoted to the subject. You can also find dance classes in most towns and cities. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start dancing!


Dancing on TikTok

It is a great way to have fun and can also be a great workout. There are many different styles of TikTok dance trends that you can learn and perform on TikTok, so finding the right one for you is key to getting the most out of your workout. If you're looking for a fun and easy-to-follow workout, try learning some basic hip-hop moves. You can find plenty of tutorials on TikTok that will teach you the basics. Once you've got the hang of those, you can explore other dance styles like breakdancing or popping.

If you want a more intense workout, try following along with some of the more high-energy dances on TikTok. These can include styles like krumping or twerking. While they may look daunting at first, you'll be sweating in no time once you get the hang of the moves. And, if you want to challenge yourself, you can always try to learn some of the more complicated TikTok dance trends. Just remember to take your time and have fun with it! Check the image below - you see that dance hashtags get billions of views everyday!


Why Are TikTok Dance Trends Viral?

Here are a few reasons why TikTok dances have become trends:

  1. The app has a built-in feature allowing users to quickly create and share short videos. This makes it easy for users to film themselves dancing and share it with their followers.

  2. The app is extremely popular with young people, who are often quick to adopt new trends.

  3. TikTok has a team of curators who work to promote popular videos, which helps to ensure that trends go viral.


Top 10 Recent TikTok Dance Trends

1. One of the most trending TikTok dances is the Renegade. The Dance, which user Jalaiah Harmon created, went viral in 2019 after being featured in several videos by popular TikTok users. The Dance involves a series of simple moves, which makes it easy for users to learn and perform. As a result, the Renegade quickly became one of the most popular dances on TikTok, with millions worldwide sharing videos of themselves dancing. Another popular TikTok dance is the Woah. The Woah rose to prominence in 2020 and has been performed by many celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres. The Dance involves a series of quick steps and arm movements and is considered to be relatively easy to learn. As a result, the Woah has become one of the most popular TikTok dances, with millions of people sharing videos of themselves dancing.TikTok dances' popularity has led to many companies and organizations using the dances to promote their products or causes. For example, in 2019, the American Heart Association used the Renegade dance to raise heart health awareness; in 2020, UNICEF used the Woah dance to promote children's rights. The popularity of TikTok dances shows no signs of slowing down, and we will likely see more companies and organizations using them to promote their products or causes in the future.

2. Second most popular recent TikTok dance trend is The Woah. This Dance is about doing 'the woah' - a move where you put your hands in the air and then quickly bend your knees. The Woah became famous after a TikTok user named Jason Derulo posted a video of himself doing it. Since then, it's been performed by tons of people on the app, including some celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lizzo. Check the image below - you see that "Woah" challenge is still going strong and gets billions of views everyday!


3. The Floss is another super trending dance on TikTok that anyone can do. All you need to do is swing your arms back and forth while moving your hips at the same time.

4. The Hit the Quan. This Dance was made famous by rapper Rich Homie Quan. You need to move your arms and legs fast and jerky to hit the Quan like you're shooting something. 

5. The Milly Rock. Milly Rock is one of the best TikTok dance trends. To do it, you need to step from side to side while moving your arms and shoulders at the same time.

6. The Shopping Cart. This Dance is all about pretending to push a shopping cart around. You must put your hands before you and move them back and forth like you're pushing a cart.

7. The Dab. The Dab became popular a few years ago, but it's still a popular TikTok dance trend today. To do the Dab, you need to put your arm up in the air and then bend your head down so that your elbow touches your shoulder.

8. The Woogie is another fun and easy Dance that anyone can do. To do it, you need to bounce your body up and down while moving your arms and legs at the same time.

9. The Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake is a classical dance that has been around for years. To do it, you just need to shake your body from side to side.

10. Dougie. The Dougie is a fantastic hip-hop dance made famous by Cali Swag District's rap group. You need to move your arms and legs in a jerky motion and snap your fingers. These are just some of the best TikTok dances you need to check out. So get your groove on and start dancing!