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How to grow TikTok account for business

Published on 14.10.2021 by Sergey Dest

TikTok became a big hit back in 2020. Yes, TikTok was an excellent application, and primarily teenagers were using it. The straightforward interface and instant gratification is something that makes TikTok stand out from other entertainment apps. Today you'll learn inside tips on how to grow TikTok account for business.


Lets get straight to the tips!



Brands using TikTok with trends

TikTok is all about the trends. Have you seen the main motto of the app? We create trends. The company representatives believe that the biggest trends of the last few years were created by the users of TikTok. If you look at the most prominent businesses and brands in general, they are all using this app. The user base is growing every day, and new trends are popping there. That's why brands like LionsGate, Ryanair, Apple, NFL clubs, NBA clubs and more are posting daily on the platform. If your video gets good traction with the latest trends, then the chance of getting viral is big. Having 1+ million views on TikTok (when a video goes viral) is not that hard. That's the first and easy way to grow a TikTok account for your business. Check the image below - Ryanair is using the trends daily and views are always 100 000+.


Tell a story with TikTok videos.

TikTok videos were 60 seconds long in 2020. The company adapted to the new rule - 180 seconds long. Thousands of businesses/brands joined the app, and they wanted to tell more stories about the company and its offers. So, that's why TikTok increased the length of the videos. So, use 180 seconds fully if you have to tell a story or show behind-the-scenes moments. Check the image below - there are many accounts that use 180 seconds function fully and tell stories with their videos.