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How to become TikTok star with these tips

Published on 27.11.2021 by Sergey Dest

TikTok is getting more attention. The 2020 was a backbone year for the company and now they are dominating the entertainment industry. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe watch TikTok trends, videos, viral stories, and then listen to new music tracks. Today we will talk about the questions every TikTok user has. First of all, yes, you can become a TikTok star because of the easy algorithm. Secondly, we have answered all interesting questions you may have for TikTok dominance.



How to find viral trends on TikTok? 

  • Get interests based on hashtags. Search for trends at the top of your feed using the Explore tab or through specific hashtag searches (#tiktokchallenge, #thailandviral, etc.)

  • Check out what people are discussing on other platforms— Twitter and Instagram. If you find interesting trending topics there, use them as inspiration to create TikTok videos that you will later share within your network. Reddit could be another great idea to explore. It’s the biggest forum of the thread and millions of people share the latest info there, so be very attentive to this platform too.




What to do to make my video viral on TikTok? 

It is important to make catchy videos with an eye-catching thumbnail. A proper description helps people understand what your video is about. Adding hashtags always helps bring more audiences! People will watch the first few seconds of your video before they decide whether to continue watching or not, so try to start your video with a "hook". To say it in other words: you should always give people something interesting and entertaining right away or they will skip over your video soon after the upload takes place. TikTok users are encouraged to interact with each other during their broadcasts by sending hearts (which look like emoticons). These hearts indicate appreciation for another user's performance and encouragement.


Is it worth sharing TikTok videos on other platforms? 

Yes! TikTok videos are meant to be shared with people outside of the platform. To do so, it is necessary to think about which platform fits your needs best and post your video there. For example, if you want to share a funny-viral video on Facebook social network, put some hashtags in the description so that Facebook's algorithm can find it. Check the image below - TikTok has feature to share videos straight to chat/social networks!



What should I do before starting a live broadcast? 

First of all, live streaming is very important in getting closer to your fans. People who follow you on Tiktok want to interact in live action. That’s why live streaming is a good option to stay active with the fans. Before you start recording any video for Tik Tok encourage followers by sending hearts (which look like emoticons). These hearts indicate appreciation for another user's performance and encourage users to continue broadcasting. Check the image below - you see how TikTok influencers are working using live streams to get more popularity!


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