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How to solve no views on TikTok

Published on 28.10.2021 by Sergey Dest

Some of the users ask about the issue with no views on TikTok. What’s the main problem behind no views on TikTok? Today we will break down the main reasons why you may not get views. First of all, we will review tips on how TikTok views work. Secondly, we will go into the facts that TikTok has displayed on the main website to justify the 0 views TikTok stands for.


Lets get started!



No views on TikTok could be a glitch.

When you upload the content, the representatives of the application may check your video manually. According to the official data, Tiktok moderators may randomly check your videos. That could be the main reason why your video gets 0 views.


The video that is stolen

There are many accounts on TikTok that steal videos and upload them as their own. TikTok has a powerful algorithm, and they try to improve it every day. That’s why TikTok may not give you the views from the start. You upload a viral video that gets millions of views, and suddenly, you get 0 views on TikTok. It means that the TikTok algorithm found that you’ve uploaded the same video that before was seen on the platform. That’s why you should create unique videos. On the other hand, there are ways to change the video file options and be memorable. Although it’s the same ‘viral’ video, the TikTok algorithm will find it unique. Check the image below - you see that some of the accounts get millions of followers with 'stolen' videos but they are always doube-checking and improving the tips we have mentioned in this post, that's why they still get many views. 



0 views on TikTok with lack of hash-tags

It would help if you used hash-tags to reach more people. When you upload a video with zero views, maybe the main reason is the missing hash-tags? Check your competitor. For example, if you want to promote business or personal stuff on TikTok, check main competitors. It’s essential to find the most valuable hash-tags in your niche and add them to the description. You can find general guideline on how to promote business on TikTok. The general hash-tag that people use on TikTok is #FYP. It means “For You Page” and gives a sign to the algorithm you want to be trending on the FYP of other users. Big accounts on TikTok are using these hash-tags, which means that FYP works. Check the image below - you see that big accounts like "433" always use "For You, FYP, ForU" hash-tags to promote videos organically.