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Create a social media marketing plan in 2022

Published on 20.10.2021 by Sergey Dest

Without a proper social media marketing plan, you can't go far. In the plan, you should outline everything for the next week, months and year. What do you want to achieve? Set a massive goal. For instance, you want to reach 1 million followers on Instagram - is that possible? Of course. Is that possible in the next month? It depends on the budget and strategy you would set for the next 30 days. Everything has to be clear and ready for the atomic tasks that can lead to significant results. Today we will talk about tips on how to create an in-depth social media marketing plan in 2022.


Let's start!


What has to be included in the social media marketing plan?

Focus on every viable platform in the plan. For example, write down all social networks you've heard of. Let's start with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So, now you have got an extensive list of social media platforms. The main goal is to set targets for each social media platform. What do you want from LinkedIn? Maybe you want to get work leads from that platform? What's the main goal with Facebook? Perhaps a brand (even personal) awareness? Social media marketing plans have to be straightforward. You come up with the social media platforms and always put the right goals right to them.


Learn about the audience

When you have a specific offer to the audience, you should understand the main avatar of the desired customer. Who is your desired customer? What's the age gap? What's the revenue gap for selected customers? Brainstorm all the details, and you'll soon come up with the perfect audience. Check the image below - That's how you build ideal customer avatar for an offer.