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Ecommerce brands should use Instagram frequently

Published on 07.10.2021 by Sergey Dest

Ecommerce brands have to be on top of the latest trends in the digital space. Instagram is not an exception. Your brand's marketer has to know the deepest secrets of the algorithm to gain maximum organic reach. Instagram will be the most powerful visual application in 2021. In this post, we will share two essential tips on improving ECommerce brand presence on IG.

Let's start!


Visually compelling content is the rule N1

Instagram is the best visual medium between the brand and potential customers. That's why you should use it daily. Create visually compelling content (videos, images, prints, stories, IGTV related content, etc.) and upload consistently. Instagram has the best layout for any eCommerce brand to give the max colours in front of potential customers. Every user (niche-related) on Instagram is a potential customer, and you should miss this chance. What should you post?

User reviews of the product: Ask users to create a straightforward assessment of the product. Keep in mind that 2020 was the best year for user-generated content. More brands started using UGC as a daily promotional strategy. Customers who already used your product may review it from a different perspective. It's good for your brand awareness because you may see some flow in the current version and start working on improvements. That's why user-generated reviews are so critical.

Behind the scenes: If you have an extensive product line, then start creating BTS videos. In that way, you open the curtains to potential customers. They see how products are being made, and they will trust you more.


Check the profile of GlowRecipe on Instagram - They always put visually compelling content on the website!


People read captions

We mentioned that Instagram is a visual medium. Along with the beautiful content, you should add eye-catching captions. The Instagram algorithm is changed monthly, but captions never lose the 'weight'. If the user clicks 'read more' and keeps reading the caption, the Instagram algorithm will take it as your brand's advantage. 

Let's take "GlowRecipe" as an example. Take a look at the image - They always use the max number of characters while creating captions.