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How to get views on tik tok with 2 simple hacks

Published on 13.11.2021 by Sergey Dest

TikTok is growing every year. The pandemic was the game-changer for the app. The US-based investors put billions of dollars into the app, and now it's dominating the charts. As of now, TikTok is one of the most entertaining apps around the globe. That's why you should put your product or services there. TikTok is a little bit different compared to other social apps. Let's find out easy steps on how to get views on tik tok.


Let's start!




How to find the latest trends on TikTok?

The first thing you should do is find the latest trends on TikTok or top hashtags. You can quickly find out trending hashtags by typing in # and adding any word there. For example, type in #cat, and you'll see many cat videos there. Or, if you want to narrow down your search, use specific keywords, for example, #catsdoingwaterballet. Hashtags are always easy to find the latest trendy views in the space. Hash-tags strategy is the most straightforward strategy on how to get views on Tik Tok. Check the image below - you see there are thousands of hashtags. 





Engage more with the fans

Engagement on Tiktok is significant. Engagement is a term used for likes, comments, and views. If you want to get a lot of engagement on TikTok, make sure your video is catchy and attractive. Try to make a viral type of TikTok video. When making a video, try not to include any advertisements or logos that promote products because it could offend audiences, or worse, they turn off from watching your videos altogether. Give them something exciting and very creative so that the audience will watch your videos till the end. At the same time, don't forget to engage with the comments. The latest data shows that influencers who engage with their fans and create new videos tend to go viral on FYP way more compared to others. Along with the views, you can get lots of followers with the high engagement rate. Check out our latest tips on how to get TikTok followers. The TikTok user “@Napples” got 2.5 million followers only by responding (engaging) to the comments of the followers. Check the image below - one of her videos have 3.5m likes and 30+ million views.