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Boost TikTok likes in 2022 like never before

Published on 01.11.2021 by Sergey Dest

The Younger generation dreams of getting easy ways to boost TikTok likes. It's a dream of adults too, and it means that the world is changing. After acquiring Musically, TikTok became dominant in the short-video industry. Over the years, the company grew like never before. As of now, TikTok is the most popular application along with IG and Facebook. Today we will talk about the tips on how to boost TikTok likes. In this post, you'll see ways to boost your TikTok with an organic strategy.


Let's start!



Fully functional profile on the platform

First and foremost, you should add the necessary information to TikTok. What would be the main advice? Change the profile picture frequently. Why should you do that? If you look at the popular creators, they change profile pictures. When new trends come, you may get a chance for a new profile picture. You'll get more attention and followers organically when you have a trendy picture (could be an image of a 'trendy' kid, dog, cat, etc.), you'll get more attention and followers organically. 


Settings matter

The Most overlooked option on TikTok is the setting itself. Do you know that there could be a problem with the settings? Check the settings and find the privacy options. Automatically you may have ticked on the 'don't allow others to find me' option. It may prevent people from searching usernames in the search bar. That's limiting the algorithm, and you don't let others follow you. (check the image below - that's how private account settings look like, change it to be on public)



Another option you should check in the settings - don't let others save the video. When you create original videos, people will want to keep having fun/interesting/exciting, or to relate. The new generation works like that - they want to save and replay that video through their smartphones. That's why you should let everyone save your videos without asking. That's an ample green light for random users to follow you and give more likes on the videos.(check the image below - you see how 'not letting others download' profile looks like)