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Instagram marketing services in 2021

Published on 07.10.2021 by Sergey Dest

Instagram marketing is not an impossible task. Yes, it’s the most competitive space in the digital world, but you should use inside tips to overcome the big competition. Today, we will share with you 2 essential inside information that can change your marketing campaigns.


Optimize profile for the maximum results

If you want to get maximum results from Instagram marketing, then an optimization profile has to be an N1 task. What’s the most important thing when optimizing a profile? First of all, don’t forget to switch from a regular to a business account. It’s the best way to track the leads and understand the audience behaviour.


Your name has to stand out - the Instagram algorithm gives you 30 characters for the name on the platform. Your title should be memorable but also long enough to stay in the visual memory. 

The website link in the BIO - don’t forget to add the website link in the bio. Another option would be to put links to the Instagram stories. If you want to add your website link in the ‘story’ feature, you need a minimum of 10 000 followers. That’s where Instagram marketing services come into play. SocialWick team gives top-level Instagram marketing services, including high-quality & active followers. You can get 10 000 Instagram followers and access the option.


Check the image below - BuzzfeedTasty is using all the important profile functions. They have memorable name, username and description that lead to the link in the bio.


Take content from the users.

In most cases, companies can’t add content regularly. They don’t have a big budget for content marketing, so they fail in this option. What can you do? Let’s take an “Apple’s” strategy as an example. The company is not spending a dime on content marketing for Instagram. At The same time, they have the most visually compelling content on the platform. How to achieve that? User-generated content. Ask your followers, customers & consumers to take beautiful photos of the product/services. If they do it for free, then you should be grateful for such a kind community. Also, don’t be afraid to give discounts or gifts to the users that generate free content for your brand. (check Apple's profile on Instagram - they only use UGC)