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How to get more tiktok followers in 2022 with real examples

Published on 18.11.2021 by Sergey Dest

This post will be very personal because we will share a personal story on how to get more TikTok followers in 2021. Yes, this post will be also helpful for 2022 and the tips we share on how to get more TikTok followers will be relevant for many months. Our advice and hacks can be used to mix both organic reaches and help from SocialWick.


Let's rock N roll!



Why is it better to start a strategy with SocialWick?

Every question about this platform starts like this - how to get followers on TikTok fast? Well, TikTok can be very cruel or kind at the same time. Any creator can get thousands of followers organically, but it happens rarely. That's when SocialWick enters the game. SocialWick has years of experience in social media marketing, and the pricing is the most suitable for anyone. The team behind the brand delivers high-quality followers almost instantly, so getting followers on TikTok fast has a solution for sure. Check the pricing on 1000 followers of TikTok. 


Why should I use popular songs on TikTok? 

Using famous songs on TikTok increases your exposure because you use public property to get more plays, followers, likes. It is a fact that popular songs have the largest audience, so it becomes easier for them to receive thousands of plays, followers and likes, which can be used as a snowball effect. 

You know what I do? I provide people with their most sought-after videos such as movie trailers and movie clips, hit songs and hot new releases for free with the only goal to gain easy popularity. Public domain or not? No matter! As long as it's entertaining and relevant content: I use it on TikTok! Check the image - big stars like Taylor Swift have separate tabs for the popular songs! They do it because it's easy to make song trendy on TikTok. More views, more listens = more clout to the musician!


Playing with hashtags is essential! 

The #hashtag is a way to mark keywords or topics. You can use it on TikTok to add the topic of your video to your hashtags, so people who are interested in that topic can find you easily.


How do I add hashtags on TikTok?

It's easy! When you write a new post on TikTok, type in some hashtags, and they will automatically become clickable and appear with a search icon. You can also add more than one at once: separate them by commas: #dance, #song, #funny. Also, read our exciting thoughts on the hash-tags usage on TikTok.