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How to get more TikTok views and likes in 2022

Published on 31.10.2021 by Sergey Dest

Tiktok became very powerful over the years. People want to get more TikTok views and likes. Pandemic was the decisive year for the app. As of now, TikTok is the leading app for creating and catching trends. Keep in mind that the company's main motto is that they make trends. It means that original trends through the internet are created mainly on this application. That's why you should focus more on TikTok.


In this post, we will share more about the TikTok success tips. How can you use and utilize TikTok more in the campaigns? Here are four tips for implementing a daily schedule. These tips will help you to get more TikTok views and likes.



Hashtags to the moon

Why should you miss this chance? Every big company on TikTok is using hashtags. Keep in mind that hashtags are as powerful as adding descriptions. What could be the main schedule in this case? Find out the niche first. What's your niche? Come up with the keywords and write them down in the document. After you have enough keywords to focus on, then you can search in TikTok. For instance, if you are focusing on the car niche, look at the image below - that's' how significant a presence this niche has with the hashtags.


You can also add different variations of the FYP. It's an abbreviation and means For You page. There are many variations of it. You can use #FYP, #ForYouP, #FYouPage, etc. When you mention FYP, it's a direct signal to the algorithm to put you in front of everyone. It does not mean that a video can end up with millions of views. On the other hand, with FYP tag and tips on how to solve no views on TikTok, the percentage of success is growing. Check the image below, and you'll see how many variations there are for that particular direction.


Cross-promote on other social networks.

Tiktok views and likes come from other networks too. There is an option where you can easily cross-promote the content. Experts of marketing believe that the algorithm of TikTok will give you more organic reach if thousands of people come straight to your video from other platforms like Messenger, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Check the image below - TikTok has many cross-promote options.