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Tips for Advanced Instagram ads in 2021

Published on 14.10.2021 by Sergey Dest

Instagram has become the primary medium between customers and brands. 2020 was momentum-changing because of the pandemic. Everyone went online, and businesses started failing their offline plans. That's why Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads have become more relevant and essential. As the pandemic hit, the growth of competition became inevitable. In this post, we will share advanced tips for Instagram ads in 2021.


Let's go...


Improve targeting on Instagram

The iOS update in 2021 was very bad for marketers and advertisers. Everyone who relied only on Facebook and Instagram saw a big downhill on the platform. Apple's update about privacy and targeting was a massive blow for Zuckerberg's companies. That's why we are here to give you advanced tips. The first tip would be to improve targeting on Instagram. How to do that? Never think about getting enormous profits from the first target. You have a chance to retarget or create a lookalike audience after you run a campaign for a few days. As you have results after a few days of campaigns, start retargeting and creating lookalike audiences. That's where real success will be given to you. Check the image below - that's who LookAlike audience function works on Instagram Ad system.


Make your ads more relevant to the users.

In the era of the pandemic, people watch more videos. So, the banner/video/ad blindness is a real thing. Facebook, Insta and other platforms have seen millions of videos and advert campaigns in the last few years. If you want to get higher profit and better campaign data, it's better to have UGC or something that stands out from the regular ads. Check the image below - That's how brands collaborate & work with users to get pictures, that's how you standout from the regular-type of ads.