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Advantages Of Facebook Paid Advertising Over the Organic Method

Published on 06.11.2020 by Ice Geek

Are you ready to get started with social media to market your products or services online? When it comes to brand building, a Facebook page with huge followers helps you to achieve your goal. It is an excellent platform that creates a big impact on your sales. Undoubtedly, a large audience uses it as a tool to engage with their network.

As per analytical statistics, more than 90% of the users have switched to mobile for searching what they want. Marketers need to sense the pulse of the Facebook algorithm to effectively use the paid ad platform. They can also buy Facebook followers to reach their target audience.          

Components of a Good Post

You need four crucial components in your Facebook post for promoting your business via the organic or paid method.

  • An attractive image/creative with a promotional message
  • A catchy description or caption depending on type of post.
  • Relevant Hashtags
  • Link of the blog/article in case of link post, a video for video post, GIF image, etc.

Advantages of Paid Advertising On Facebook

Organic marketing is directly proportional to likes and followers on your profile. Social media marketers try to increase Facebook likes to make their posts visible to the masses. However, paid advertising has certain benefits in terms of audience targeting and conversions.

Where organic means of promotion have certain limitations with less engagement, paid advertisements have numerous benefits. Here are some of them listed below.

It has a Budget Involved: 

Paid campaigns have a specific budget that decides the audience and number of days your ads will run. Remember, there is a minimum requirement of the budget to run your ads as per Facebook terms and conditions. You are free to set the limit on how much you want to spend.

The results are determined by the optimization techniques you adopt to get more number of leads at a less cost. Marketers can boost their business post to get high engagement in form of likes, shares, and comments. There are high probabilities to convert your leads into sales.

You can Choose Your Target Audience:   

Where organic marketing has no budget with a limited audience, the paid marketing provides the flexibility to choose your target audience. The more relevant selection of your audiences, the more leads you fetch keeping the cost per lead low. E.g, an advertisement of a real estate company selling their property, need to have a contact us form.

The form will capture the details like name, email id, phone number, etc. Creative ads fetch more leads and conversions. Choose your audience selectively to show them the ads they want to see.

Mobile Audience:

The penetration of smartphones in the youth has reached an unimaginable level. This has lead to more mobile users than desktop or tablets. People surf social sites during short breaks. There are 1.74 billion users of the Facebook app per day.

When your target audience sees what they want in the most creative way, they will reach to your business for an inquiry or conversion.

Location Targeting:

A paid campaign allows you to choose the exact location where you want to promote your Ad. If your service is for a specific location, let users in that location see your ads. Apart from location, it gives flexibility in setting audiences' age group.

Want to drive traffic to boost your business online? Do you want to reach a wide audience? Learn about how paid advertising works and the best possible technique to achieve social media marketing goals. Track the algorithm updates regularly to effectively advertise for your business to reach a social audience.