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How to monetize active Instagram followers

Published on 26.07.2019 by Michael

Being popular on Instagram is a good feeling. When it comes to popularity, everything thinks about monetization. Yes, it's a vital part of success. If you can't monetize your followers base, then your Instagram journey is worthless.

You will find lots of hidden gems today. We are going to share with you our personal experience with Instagram monetization. Let's start and dig deep.

Monetization ways of active Instagram followers

There are tons of ways of monetization. Here we have outlined only the important ones. Those are the sources we have already tested and got successful with it. 

Instagram Shoutouts

When you have a successful Instagram page, people would love to buy shoutout from you. Every marketer knows about Instagram shoutout industry, so you should be ready for lots of orders. Keep in mind that people may love DMing each other but to look professional, you should leave personal email in BIO. Brands love contacting Instagram influencers via email to make things professional.

Price of shoutout could be different. It depends on the number of followers. If you have 10 000 followers on Instagram (Which is a bare minimum), then you can price 24 hours shout out for $30. Also, keep in mind that brands look at the engagement rate. If you have a high engagement rate, then it could lead to better shoutout price. For example, if you have 15-20% engagement rate (Which is a perfect, not standard) price of shootout could go up to $100.

It's all about the quality followers. When you have active Instagram followers, the price could be even higher.

Brand Ambassador

Someone may think that being an ambassador and selling shoutout is the same - it's the wrong approach. As an influencer, you can sell shoutout to anyone and anytime. It's indeed a one-time process.

As a brand ambassador, you have lots of duties — for example, brand ambassadors post about specific brand frequently. They wear or even use brand products in everyday life. 

For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is a face and brand ambassador of many products. Just like him, lots of Instagram influencers already have contracts with big and medium-sized companies. They are promoting brand products every day.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate industry is a perfect way to make thousands of dollars every day. When you have established an account on Instagram with a huge fan-base. What's your niche? Each industry has specific affiliate networks. Those networks specialize in your niche, and it's perfect to focus on them.

In the affiliate industry, there are top sharks who dominate almost all industries. Here is the list of the most potent affiliate networks around the globe:

  • Maxbounty

  • Peerfly

  • Amazon Affiliate Network

  • Shareasale

  • Click Junction

Create your product/service

It's the best way to monetize Instagram account. You are the owner of the product/service, and you take 100% of revenue - so in this situation, your income = your profit. Are you in the fitness industry? Then create a service where you help people lose weight, get six-pack abs, thighs slimmer, etc. There are endless ideas when it comes to self-created product/service.