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Top Instagram Tools you must have in 2022

Published on 05.08.2022 by Michael

Most people cannot imagine their lives without daily feed scrolling and sharing posts. We spend hours creating the most catching stories, taking vivid photos, and writing engaging texts. Some may call these activities a time waste; however, the importance of social networks, especially Instagram should not be underestimated.

Instagram is a powerful and beneficial platform for huge businesses as well as for personal promotion. As it has approximately 1 million active users monthly, the social network offers huge commercial and career opportunities. Besides, more than 25 million companies choose Instagram as a tool for maintaining business links and establishing communication with their clients.

Versatile tools for successful promotion on Instagram 

In the core of Instagram is visual content that is permanently visible to a big span of people. This peculiarity makes the app attractive, user-friendly, and suitable to any purpose. No matter whether you are a sophisticated SMM-manager, a new account owner, or a successful businessman, you may become interested in getting more popularity and increasing engagement rate. For this reason, we prepared a list of top Instagram tools you must have in 2022.

1) GhostHunter

GhostHunter is an online service that helps to clean your Instagram account and block spam activity. It focuses on removing fakes and bots from the list of your followers, thus increasing reach and raising engagement rate.

2) DataJam

DataJam is an incredibly useful tool for watching stories of public Instagram accounts anonymously. It is highly beneficial for any type of account as it gives valuable information about the necessary person keeping your privacy and anonymity. You may browse stories without entering your real data and save the desired content to your computer.

3) WinBerry

One of the most popular Instagram Giveaway pickers, WinBerry offers quick and easy selection of random winners. If you conduct giveaways or any other engaging competitions on a regular basis, it is advisable to implement modern instruments. Adjustable conditions, a few seconds of your time, minimal effort and you get a trusted result.

4) SocialBee

SocialBee is a social media management tool. In simple words, it is a scheduler that integrates all your social networks and works on the following cases: creating posts, planning publications in a calendar, sharing posts across the platforms, analyzing statistics of your profile and getting reliable outcomes.


Active Instagram users may have already used the famous photo and video editor VSCO. It provides high quality filters and a wide range of tools for making living deep content. Besides, VSCO is an international sharing platform to show your photos to the general public. It can be called a secluded community for people who have talent to make masterpieces out of ordinary pictures.  

6) Canva

Canva is a free online instrument for graphical design. It helps to create posts for social networks, videos, cards, flyers, and lots of other content. A vast number of beneficial functions are available in a free version. However, if you need some more specific tools, you may make a little investment and get access to the complete range of the app possibilities.

7) Followers Insight

Followers Insight is an analytics tool that helps you understand what content your audience likes best, increasing post effectiveness and engagement levels. You may track your most dedicated followers, ghosts and unfollowers as well. The effective instrument provides any user with a detailed analytics of their profile to determine its current state and utilize in future development.

Efficient implementation of the online services for Instagram

But the short description of each service is not enough to understand its real value and quality, is it? Now let’s come to grips with the above-mentioned instruments and ways of their effective implementation.

  • GhostHunter is the best service to address if you need to clean bots and fakes in a few clicks. You need to enter your username, analyze the obtained profile statistics, and adjust settings. Choose the necessary characteristics of accounts for removing and wait several minutes. The online tool works on individual needs of each client, that's why no fixed price is mentioned. The cost greatly depends on the number of followers, type of account, and established settings.
  • DataJam gives a chance to stay invisible while monitoring the activity of other users. Start a trial, enter the username of the person, and wait for the results. The amount of time required for analysis is influenced by the amount of contained data. Have patience and you will see stories without mentioning your name. The nickname listed is randomly chosen by the service and has nothing to do with your real account.
  • WinBerry is a popular randomizer that is irreplaceable when determining a winner. You should only paste the link, choose the rules, and find out the winners. The service is represented by the well-executed raffle and focuses on excluding rigging and distrusted outcomes. It is time-saving, increases customer loyalty, and raises the audience engagement. In addition, the access to the number of shuffles is unlimited.
  • SocialBee aims at creating an efficient media workflow to post regularly and error free. It is an incredibly versatile tool for performing various types of tasks. Having logged in, you may organize the personal calendar for weeks that makes publications automatically in the scheduled period of time. Besides, this function is available as a cross platform connection that means the posts are made on several different social networks at the same time. SocialBee is also a good helper in creating content as it has links with such photo and video editors and stocks as Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY. It may be characterized as a huge universal manager for social networking.
  • VSCO is a perfect choice for each account owner who wants to boast of a stylish and luxurious profile. Abundance of premium filters, quality tools and creative community are united in one app. You may register and use the limited number of functions for free, or make some investment and explore the complete library of more than 200 distinguished high-quality presets. Editing photos and videos with VSCO contributes to the overall outstanding look of your page and inspires new followers. As the service itself is a sharing platform for original artistic visual content, you may express your ideas and works there as well.
  • Canva is one more important instrument for graphical design even if you have no experience. With the help of this tool, you may make use of the already made frameworks or create something new and unique. Push Create design and start working on the most beautiful and attractive visual content. The vast number of available samples on almost every topic in the world allows bringing even the most extraordinary ideas into real life. Experiment with texts, colors, styles, forms and do not put your dreams in a box.
  • Followers Insight is widely used for tracking the profile statistics. Download the app, add your account, and explore the following facts – your recent followers and unfollowers, those who blocked you, those who watch your stories. Moreover, you can track people who do not follow you back. With Followers Insight it is easy to determine the most popular posts and increase engagement rate and reach. Just register and start analyzing.

The outcomes 

The extreme popularity of Instagram forces users to invent the most sophisticated and creative ways of promotion. No matter whether you use the social network as a personal space for sharing memorable life moments, or as a profitable marketplace, the importance of addressing third-party services is undeniable. Most of them have a pack of free functions and a full paid access. It is up to you to decide which variant is the most appropriate and rational in your case.

Instagram is not a perfectly designed app, it also has some limitations. Sometimes they make it impossible to introduce new information to the audience in the desired way. For this reason, the above-mentioned online services are a must. They focus on facilitating account management and producing pleasing to the eye content. Besides, the online helpers contribute to the increase of the engagement rate, raise of reach and attracting the target audience. So, they are the promotive force for account owners not to be stuck to the norm and to push the boundaries of media space.

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