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11 Pro Tips to improve Instagram Marketing Strategy Part 2

Published on 12.07.2019 by Michael

In the first chapter of this guideline, we have talked about three pro tips to use on Instagram. We have been doing Instagram marketing for the last five years without rest. We are aware of all updates, algorithm issues, and approaches to ramp up an account as fast as possible. Today we will focus on four more tips that can drastically change your marketing approach.

Use "Instagram Live" regularly.

Do you know that Instagram has "Live" feature? If you follow big brands or popular personalities on IG, then you would know that they go LIVE on Instagram regularly. Why do famous people go on Live mode so often? Are they bored and want to interact with people? No, it's all about the marketing.

Let's take a simple example - Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular Instagram user. He is one of the top footballers ever touched ball. He goes "Live" on Instagram pretty often. It's because "Live" feature can attract more and more people. With Live videos, you quickly build and get trust from people. You can play simple games with your followers or answer their questions. That's how you can create die-hard fans. 

Instagram stories - Daily update for the fan base

In the first part of the guideline, we have talked about content. You need lots of content and post it consistently. Instagram "story" option is unique. And "urgency" makes it more attractive to people. Your followers know that content posted under Instagram Story will be alive only for 24 hours. That's an excellent trigger for your followers to check it out. 

"Story" feature became popular right away because of its urgent nature. From the start, we know that Instagram daily story could be up only for 24 hours. It makes us commit to checking it every day, no matter what.

Partner up with other influencers on Instagram

There are lots of influencers in any industry. Whether its beauty or health or sports, you will see lots of brands or social personalities with thousands of followers. 

Most of those Instagram accounts have contact info written in BIO. Send them a private message (PM) or emails. Build strong and serious relations with them and partner up time after time. That way, your account will get traction from Instagram users (fan base).

Create unique captions

Don't use only hashtags in your captions. Instagram users love reading captions, and you should not miss the chance. Make sure that you are good at writing, and you can write a compelling story or lines for specific image/video. When you post something, the user should get both types of help - visual and mental. That's how you gain trust from the fan base and evolve with them over time. Tell stories, jokes, or let them know the true meaning of posted content.