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11 Pro Tips to improve Instagram Marketing Strategy Part 1

Published on 10.07.2019 by Michael

Every business needs a social media presence to survive. Do you know that Instagram is the top choice for every business owner? Not because it's a trend, but you can get direct leads. Everyone was shocked by Mark Zuckerberg's move when he decided to buy Instagram for one billion dollars. As it seems, a team of Facebook knew that Instagram would hit big in a short time of period. After just 3-4 years, Instagram dominated the attention of the world.

We have divided guideline into a few parts, and in the end, you'll be blown away with the golden nuggets we have included. We will share with you eighteen professional tips that can change your business revenue.

The first impression is something special.

When you decide to position the business on Instagram, the first impression may have a unique effect. Think about it - random user checks you ads and chooses to see your profile. What he/she will think? Have you done an excellent job by optimizing the Instagram business profile correctly? 

Well, the first impression is almost everything. You've like 5-10 seconds to impress Instagram users. Start optimizing profile first with profile picture. It's important because the potential fan will check on it as a first step.

Use BIO to add relevant information about your business. Every Instagram user reads Bios if it's eye-catching. Try to be very specific and add short sentences. Try to find very niche-related hashtags and keywords. Don't over complicate the situation. Also, don't over perform when it comes to emojis. If you are a serious business, don't add too many emojis - limit yourself with 1-2 emojis maximum.

Posting Quality Content Every Day

You should stick to one plan. Posting quality content is very important. Take a pro tip from us - every day follow and track your competitors. You'll see that their content strategy is just beyond your expectation. Every successful Instagram page posts frequently. In most cases, they post on two-three times per day. 

Take one week as an example and data. Don't overdo and don't post 5+ times per day. It's a stupid decision because by that way you'll decrease the reach of your posts. As we have mentioned above, take one week for the challenge and get data after a week. Analyze that data and find the perfect frequency of posting content.

Don't sell too much

Every business book recommends to not focus on selling. Don't sell every time - educate, connect, explore, and then sell something to a person. How to replicate the same strategy on Instagram? For example, if you are selling dog products and have an e-commerce website, then you should post content about dogs and their behavior. Use topics such as - "how to handle stress coming from a dog," "how to treat the dog correctly," "how to look after a dog in the right way," etc.  Educate your followers. Take care and make sure that your content gives them benefit.