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The Right Way to become an Instagram Influencer 1

Published on 10.06.2019 by Michael

Influencers market is growing daily. How you make up your mind about new products? Do you search them directly on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart? Or you want reviews from Influencers? Every market has its own influencers base. For example, tech giants hire influencers from YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

The Instagram influencer market is growing and expanding. As the latest research found, up to 50% of products are brought after reviews from influencers. Is it a good sign for you? If you've decided to start a personal brand, then you are on the right track. Influencers get bigger and bigger attention from social media users. Recognition always converts into a million dollar contracts. That's why Influencers market is hot, and you should get in before it's the right time.

We want to share with you a definitive guide on how to become an Instagram influencer in the right way.

Step 1 - Picking a Niche

You can't be famous in almost everything. Try to leverage my skills and passion. What's your passion nowadays? Do you love painting, or maybe you like basketball? All the industries can be a real success for you. There are 500 million daily users who are ready to follow you on your path.

Picking the right niche is very important. When we say "right" niche, we mean an industry that suits you. Don't start something that you don't like. Don't go for a niche that potentially pays more than your passion. Try to focus on your strengths, and you will succeed sooner or later.

When we dwell on our strengths, success will wait for us on the corner of next station. Let's take Basketball as an example. What's your skill? Are you creating basketball compilation videos? Or maybe you are good at previewing games and making predictions? Think bigger and make sure that people love your strength.

When you have chosen a niche, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Analytics & Instagram Business Account

In business, it's essential to know the demographics' data. Instagram has lots of features to give you access to crucial data. For example, a feature called "Instagram Insight" will provide you with data of age and different type of categories of your followers.

After picking the right niche, you should open a business account on Instagram. Business type of account can give you access to demographics and essential data. That kind of information is vital to show to businesses and then get paychecks.

3. Effective Bio

When it comes to convincing and converting Instagram users, first we should think about BIO. If your account has an unattractive bio, then you may get declined and lose another customer.

Instagram BIO could be short, but that text should be the first pitch for your skills/product/services. When a new fan visits your account, the first experience comes from BIO. So, it's the holy grail of your Instagram success.

Let's include all main bits of your ideas and industry. Let the world know what's your leading quality and strengths, and what they get after following you.