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Product research strategies to use in 2021

Published on 15.02.2021 by Nika Kiradze

If you want to make money with e-commerce in 2021, your primary focus is to go to the product research methods. Today we will share with your proven, tested and working strategies that can ease your e-commerce journey. You may ask, why is it essential to focus more on product research? Well, everything starts with a good product. When you find a winning product, success is halfway there. No matter how good your marketing is, your business strategy will fail if the product fails. That's why everything starts with product/niche research. Let's go straight and find the most lucrative product research strategies in 2021.


Definition of good and bad products

Let's define each of them. We would love to take many characteristics from our experience and past work. You can trust our experience and follow the definition of good and bad products. You may see that your friend is selling a 50 inches TV like a hot cake, and you think it's a good idea. Great products from our perspective (as we are experienced sellers of the e-commerce world) is a wrong product because sooner or later you'll have a problem with shipping, returns, etc. So, let the big brands sell 50 inches of TV because they have enough funds to cover losses. As a beginner, we would not suggest you go to big products. You can still chase high-ticket products but let it be lightweight and small.


  • Lighweight products - As a beginner, you need to focus more on lightweight products as a beginner.

  • Price could vary from $50 to $99 - don't go for three-digit priced products. Yes, you can focus more on high-ticket items (because you get more profit from high-priced products) but from our experience, you have to stay under $XXX (three-digit) radar.

  • Unbranded product - if you focus on unbranded products (mostly from Chinese manufacturers), you can re-brand or private-label the product for 2x. You probably know the brand's power because Apple is selling phones every minute that is priced very high, although the Phone characteristics are not way low.


Bestsellers list of Amazon and eBay

It's not a big surprise that eBay and Amazon dominate the e-commerce world. Amazon has a 49% market share of the USA e-commerce space. So, it's the best place to go after. eBay is a second-tier platform after AMZ, so don't forget to check it too. 

Let's dive deep into the best-seller lists of Amazon. It's indeed the best way to find what's' selling like a hot cake. Amazon is updating the best-seller list every hour so that you could find the most sellable product on the platform. Keep in mind that Amazon is giving your list of favoured industries, another excellent hack for beginners (check the image below - Amazon updates best seller product lists every hour).


eBay has best-selling product lists too. You can go to eBay and research for particular lists. Unlike Amazon, eBay is giving you the industries first, and then you can check the product by the industries (check the image below - you'll see that eBay has arranged best-seller products by the categories).