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How to Power Up your Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Published on 15.01.2020 by Natia

Biggest giants of different business industries are investing most of the funds into Instagram marketing. It became the trendy applications from 2014. It’s fantastic to understand that one decade ago, Instagram was not even created. It’s the by-product of people’s needs to have a soft application with a beautiful layout and system to buy products/services from.

Today we will get the main point about Instagram marketing. If you follow the rules mentioned in our post, you’ll be able to power up your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Analytics should be on the spot

If you don’t use the analytics of Instagram, then you are losing money. It’s essential to understand the demographics of your Instagram followers. Instagram analytics will give you a chance to see the age gap of your followers. At the same time, it will be easier for you to have all the vital information under your hands. Keep in mind that analytics is not accessible from a general account of IG.

You’ve to switch standard accounts to a business account. It won’t take your time, as it’s easy to change the type of account. In no time, you’ll have a robust system under your hands. It will lead you to serious data that can save you thousands of dollars.

Using “stories” for getting more attention

As you know, Instagram added the “stories” feature back in 2017. It’s one of the most popular features in the world of social networks. “Story” is something that almost every Instagram users love. It will give you a chance to show people your daily news.

Instagram Stories would be a perfect fit for your business account. You can’t get more attention to stories, then regular posts. Keep in mind that if you don’t have 10,000 followers, you won’t be able to add “URL” into your Instagram story. You can buy 10,000 followers and use the “URL” function in your stories. It will get your more daily leads.