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The Major Two Tips To Make Your Spotify Playlist Popular

Published on 02.11.2020 by Ice Geek

So you have made that playlist, which will make any party amazing. You know that it is amazing; your friends know that it is amazing, so you have taken the next logical step and put it on Spotify. But days pass by, and you don't get any followers on it at all. You can't understand the issue, but we do.

There are millions of playlists on Spotify. Why should anyone get drawn to your curated list? You will have to give them a reason to. If you want your playlist to be popular, then keep the following tips in mind:

Give A Unique Name

There are plenty of playlists on Spotify with generic names like- romantic tunes, old rock songs, and similar titles. So if you give your playlist such a name, it will get lost in the crowd. To ensure that you have a hit on your hands, give your list a unique name.

To select a name, look at the songs on your list. What do they make you feel? Do you feel sad, romantic, moody, or something else? Then pry further on and explore your feelings. Do you feel like floating or smashing things? Then maybe you can name your playlist based on that. Also, here's another bit of advice- don't change the playlist's name if you start gaining followers. That will make you bleed followers.

Know Your Target Audience

If you are creating a playlist to gain more followers on Spotify, try to frame your ideal target audience mentally. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and create a vibe for them. Your playlist can be for when they are studying, going to the gym, playing some games, etc.

But ultimately, you don't know what an imaginary audience will like. So here comes your creativity. Make a playlist with the songs you like. Your songs might not be popularly liked, but that doesn't matter. Be unique and be creative. But when making the playlist, know that your audience will decide whether to follow or not based on the first couple of songs. So make sure that those songs are well-chosen and popular, at least. Know that this will allow you to get real Spotify followers.

Overall, note that your Spotify playlist will organically grow when you have great songs in it. Ensure that you keep your audience in mind while making your playlist and choosing a title for it. Also, make sure to rotate your playlist songs. Get rid of the old songs and put new songs in. If you follow these tips, then gradually, your Spotify playlist follower count will grow large and over time you could end up gaining thousands of followers and fans.