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A Detailed Guide on Brainstorming TikTok Video Ideas

Published on 14.06.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Social media experts say you must post at least three to four times daily to grow a TikTok account. You can easily run out of video ideas if you try to keep up with this schedule. This is especially true if you also want to create engaging videos.

While filming and publishing TikTok videos isn't hard, it can still be challenging to figure out what to create videos on. Fortunately, this article will guide you in brainstorming TikTok video ideas and provide you with the top 15 ideas you should consider.

How to Choose a TikTok Niche

Before you create a TikTok video, you need to consider the niche you want to focus on. If you post one video today dancing and another one tomorrow reviewing football, your followers will be left confused. They will not know whether to follow you if they see one of your exciting videos.

When searching for a good niche, it's also essential to consider whether there will be enough content to create videos in that niche. A niche is a specific area or topic you want to focus on when creating TikTok videos. It can be cooking, baking, beauty and makeup, gaming, fitness, and wellness. 

How to Choose TikTok Niche Ideas

Here are a few ideas to help you determine your TikTok niche.

Do Competitor Analysis

If you are getting started on TikTok and need to know the niche in which to create videos, a good idea would be to analyze your competitors. You can use a broad term like “cooking” to search for videos on TikTok, especially if that is your passion. Check the kind of videos that content creators in that niche are making.

To determine if people are interested in their content, look at the number of views they receive. You can also search for competitors using hashtags, current trends, and more. When analyzing the competitor, check for gaps in their content that you can cover. Consider how you can add a unique angle to your videos.

You can also use TikTok analytics tools to discover what people say about your competitor's content. Check to see if there are pain points you can address in your content.

Research the Popular Hashtags

Hashtags help TikTok users find content. By checking the very popular hashtags, you can get a rough idea of the type of content that is very popular on TikTok. According to research, the top 5 most popular TikTok hashtags in the United States in 2024 are:

  • #memecut with 8.4 billion views and 4.6 million posts.
  • #relatable with 7.1 billion views and  699,000 posts.
  • #Summer with 5.2 billion views and 2.6 million posts.
  • #wlw with 5.2 billion views and 771,000 posts.
  • #สโลว์สมูท (Thai for smoothcut) 2.8 billion views and 2.4 million posts.

If you aren't in the United States, you can use third-party tools such as SproutSocial to find the popular hashtags in your region. You can read our guide on why Hashtags are popular on TikTok.

Use TikTok Analytics

If you have started creating videos, looking at the TikTok analytics can give you ideas on the content your audience wants. The tools will give you an idea of your audience's interest and the type of content that resonates with them. You can use analytics to track video performance, follower growth, and other such details.

Analytics can also help you see your audience's patterns and behaviors. This can include the time of day when they are most active and the type of content that gets you the most likes.

Try Different Types of Content

Another way you can find a great niche on TikTok is by experimenting with different types of content to find one that resonates with your audience. Studies indicate that many brands that have experienced success with TikTok have done so by experimenting with different kinds of content. 

Remember that the more you experiment, the more you understand your niche and the content your audience responds to. You can try out different ideas like tutorials, product demos, behind-the-scenes videos, and more.

Top 5 Best TikTok Content Niche Ideas

Remember that a niche is a broad idea for your whole TikTok account. You may need to find a sub-niche to specialize in. If you aren't sure which niche to create TikTok content in, here are some great ideas to consider. 


Dancing is undoubtedly one of the most popular niches on TikTok. The platform is filled with dancing videos as people showcase their skills and invite people for group dances. If you have a dancing talent, this type of content can help you get more followers.

When creating content on this niche, you can showcase your moves, create a dancing challenge, or simply give lessons on dancing. When researching the dancing niche, look at the different dancing styles. Consider what you have to offer and what you can do better.


Another popular niche on TikTok that can help you get a large following is humor. To find your niche, you can research the different kinds of humor and try different formats. If you aren't good at standup comedy, you can try creating funny videos that make fun of daily events. You can also create cartoon characters and use them to develop a storyline.

Food and Cooking

If you are gifted in culinary arts and food, then cooking can be a great niche for creating content. You can create short and fun cooking videos. Try experimenting with different kinds of content. Experiment with different recipes and interact with foodies on the platform. You can also share cooking tips and hacks to help people cook delicious meals.


If you love traveling, you can create videos showcasing beautiful travel destinations. The videos can showcase travel destinations to inspire your followers to explore the destination, too. You can monetize your channel by promoting travel packages, services, and events.

Beauty and Makeup

One of the niches that women on TikTok love is beauty and makeup. Therefore, if this is an area you are passionate about, you can consider creating content in this niche. Some of the sub-niches in this niche include product reviews, transformation videos, and makeup tutorials. You can showcase different makeup looks or the trends in the beauty industry. To be the best in this niche, you should stay updated on the latest beauty trends and, if possible, engage with other beauty influencers.

Top 20 TikTok Video Ideas

Now that you have understood how to find a niche, the next step is to develop ideas for your videos. Here are our top 20 ideas:

1.TikTok Challenges

There is no doubt that Challenges are big on TikTok. They are one of the reasons for the popularity of the platform. The challenges are shared on different social media platforms, making them go viral. Therefore, to gain followers, you can create TikTok Challenges. If you do it better than most people, it will stand a chance of going viral. You can even create your challenge using a branded hashtag.

2. Lip Synching Videos

TikTok has taken the lip-syncing battle to the next level. Its easy-to-use creative tools and editing software allow you to make videos that stand out. You can, therefore, sing along to some popular tunes and recreate some great moves. From selecting the right song to adding filters, lip-synching allows you to easily create videos that can go viral.

3. Share a Tutorial

If you have a skill in one of the niches we discussed or even any other, why don't you share it with your followers? Whether it’s a tutorial on how to style an outfit or clean an air fryer, there are endless possibilities for creating tutorials.

However, when doing a tutorial, avoid using long, boring videos. We understand that TikTok now accepts videos that are 10 minutes long. However, that doesn't mean you must create videos that long. Instead, focus on quick and easy tutorials. Remember that TikTok users have a short attention span, and you want to grab their attention as quickly as possible.

4. Recipe Demo

When discussing niches, we mentioned that cooking is one of the popular niches on TikTok. So, to get specific on a video idea you can create in this niche, we suggest doing a recipe demo. Since there are already so many cooks on TikTok, provide your followers with quick recipes and demos on a variety of recipes. 

From vegan treats to homemade ravens, there are endless possibilities for creating recipe videos. To draw the most attention, focus on a food that isn't covered in detail. If you need some inspiration, you can check out some of the most popular recipe videos on the platform. 

An example you can check out is the Cooking with Shireen videos. Not only is she an amazing chef, but she has all kinds of content on her account. She has over 4.7 million followers, indicating that recipes are great content ideas.

5. Trending Topics

When creating TikTok content, you must balance evergreen and trending content. When creating a content calendar, keep track of upcoming holidays and events so that you can create content that aligns with those events.

Take advantage of trends, too. Remember that these can be trickier as they come and go. While going with a trend like lip-syncing or animal videos can give your brand a lot of visibility, only jump on trends that align with your brand.

6. Funny Pet Videos

Pets are adorable and can make great videos. Whether it's videos of cats playing with their toys or dogs jumping on their owners, cat videos are among the most popular forms of content. If you have a guinea pig, cat, or peacock, you can capture some funny moments of your pet and post short, funny videos on TikTok.

For instance, we found some funny videos by a content creator named Milperthusky. Their account is filled with funny cat moments and babies that will easily make your day. You can, therefore, get inspiration from such videos.

7. Behind-the-scenes Videos

With behind-the-scenes videos, you can showcase to your audience what goes into making the content. From brainstorming an idea to setting up the perfect shot, creating behind-the-scenes videos is a great way of showing your followers the effort that goes into production. 

This is a great idea that can help both small and big businesses engage with their audience uniquely and build relationships with them. Adobe is an example of a brand that showcases such content.

8. Product Demo Videos

Nowadays, people resort to social media to find out how a product works. Even on TikTok, product demos are very popular. That means if you are a brand, one of the content ideas you should consider is showcasing your products in action. This can help you convince users to purchase the product.

Whether you are creating tutorials or live demonstrations, think of a funny way to showcase the content. Bath and Body Works is a great example of a brand that does this well. They create endless product demo videos on their accounts that receive thousands of views and impressions on Tiktok.

9. Workout Videos

There are lots of TikTok users who want to workout but don't have the strength to go to the gym. Others don’t have the money to pay for a personal trainer. You can create videos targeting such users, helping them to work out at home. 

Whether you are a beginner who is getting started or an experienced fitness enthusiast, fitness videos are a great option for motivating yourself and others. From strength training to cardio and everything in between, the opportunities for the kind of workout videos you can make are endless.

You can create a workout routine and share it with the world. If you need inspiration for such videos, you can check out a TikTok user named WiliamLi. He creates workout videos and has amassed a large following.

10. Science Experiment Videos

Many people don't like science. In fact, many consider it a boring subject. However, this is also a niche where you can create short science experiments that will leave students excited. It can be a great way to make learning enjoyable and interactive. You only need simple tools and materials to get started. 

11. Sharing Quick Tips

With a wide range of users from teenagers to adults creating entertaining content, you can create a niche for yourself by making videos on a more serious topic like psychology. A good way to do that is by providing short tips and tricks to help people with their everyday tasks.These types of videos are great for increasing your TikTok clickthrough rate.

You can offer quick tips on topics such as cooking, life hacks, DIY projects, and more. By combining the right visuals and audio, you can come up with something that will wow your followers, even as it helps them solve their everyday problems. An example you can learn from is Dr. Julie Smith, a psychologist who shares some quick tips with her audience.

12. Try Duet Videos

Duet videos are a great option for showcasing your content. They are a type of content that showcases two videos side by side. One of the videos is usually a clip borrowed from the original, while the second one is a response or reaction to the first video. This makes duet videos a creative way of interacting with other creators.

One of the TikTok creators who is very good at creating duet videos is GordonRamsayOfficial. He collaborates with other TikTok creators to make duets. This has helped him garner 35.4 million followers.

13. Comedy Skit

There is no doubt that comedy is big on TikTok. Whether you are a stand-up comedian trying to expand your reach or are just passionate about making people laugh, TikTok is a great platform to enable you to do that. These videos have a great video completion rate.

If you decide to create a comedy skit, you need to start by developing a concept, creating a script, adding the punchlines, and finding great actors. You will also need to ensure you have the right props and set pieces. An example of a comedian who creates great content on TikTok is Khaby. Lame. He has a cult following with over 162.5 million.

14. Branded Hashtag Challenge

Another effective way to engage an audience, gain more followers, and build engagement on TikTok is to create a branded hashtag. By creating a unique hashtag, your brand can creatively engage with its followers. You can make the challenge simple or challenging, but the most important thing is ensuring it's fun and interesting.

If you need inspiration for creating branded hashtags, we recommend you check out a creator named Bella Porsche. One of the challenges she has taken part in is the BIGGERISBETTER challenge by Wetandwildbeauty. In the challenge, she showcases her bigger eyelashes with the caption, "I'm not perfect, but my eyelashes are BIGGERISBETTER.” The video received over 4.4 million reviews and over 30K reactions.

15. Try Satisfying Videos ASMR

The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a type of video that aims to soothe and satisfy viewers. It uses certain sounds and visuals to create a feeling of tingles and relaxation. Satisfying videos should give viewers a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility. In a world filled with stress, this is a great video idea.

16. Q&A Videos

There are lots of people searching for answers to their issues. You can engage with your followers using Q&A sessions where you answer some of their key questions. These videos can be fun to watch and will also provide you with an opportunity to engage with your audience and even build a stronger bond with them. You can use the Q&A videos to share fun facts, answer questions about yourself, or even ask for feedback from your followers.

17. Motivational Videos

If you have a positive and motivational message, TikTok is a great place to share it with your followers. Whether you want to inspire people to take a certain action, believe in themselves, or even be kinder, there is a lot of video content you can create to spread positivity. 

18. Current Affairs

TikTok has become a news hub where many people share what is happening in other parts of the world. If you have a passion for areas such as politics or current affairs, you can share videos of what is happening in the world or your country. 

When doing that, be sure to find out the most popular topics and happenings. It doesn't have to be serious content but can also be in the form of a hilarious meme. A good example you can learn from when creating this type of content is the Washington Post.

19. Little Known Life Hacks

With people searching for solutions on social media, life hack videos are very popular. Whether it is simple cleaning hacks or preparing simple meals, there are lots of content ideas you can tap into. When doing that, ensure you remain creative with the music and use the special effects on the platform. There are several tips to help you be successful with this kind of content. These include:

  • Choose a topic you are passionate about and will be interesting to others.
  • Keep the hack short and sweet.
  • Use visuals to showcase the hack.

20. Trending Topic

Trending topics on TikTok can be big and an easy way for your videos to go viral. To find the trending videos, you can check the page of popular TikTokers, or you can find the trending hashtags by typing # in the search bar. TikTok will show you some of the most popular hashtags.

Wrapping up

TikTok is a great way for people to get entertained and to express themselves. When searching for a TikTok video idea, the most important thing is to find something that interests you and can be turned into a great video. If you are wondering where to start, you can consider one of the video ideas above.