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How To Make Twitch A Perfect Marketing Platform

Published on 11.11.2020 by Ice Geek

Twitch, a live streaming platform by Amazon, is a buzz among gaming and esports lovers. Beyond all other channels, it is a booming platform for millions of active users. It was primarily associated with gaming but it is turning into a web place to promote content of several genres. Slowly, the brands are also using Twitch as a potential marketing platform.  

The content curators use this live streaming channel to engage with viewers via Twitch chat. 73% of the users are under the age of 34 and 41% are between 16 and 24. But how does Twitch serve marketers for promoting their product? Is it possible to reach 40 million viewers (daily active users) with a perfect marketing strategy?

Yes, you can!  Social media marketers can convert this channel into an opportunity to reach and engage. They can also buy Twitch followers to enhance their profile. Here are some easy tips to use this platform as a perfect market space

Stream Online with a Schedule:

Whether you are streaming online or uploading a video, follow a consistent schedule. Your followers will wait for something new every time you are live.  Cater to their interest. You are an investment for them. A good way is to announce your live streaming in advance. Set your date and time to be online.

Chat With Your Followers:

Twitch Chat is a chat room where users can interact with the streamers online. You can answer the queries of your followers, keep your conversation alive. Always talk to your viewers. This will help you to know their interest.

Increase your Subscribers:

Content decides your subscribers. It’s a great way to support the streamer and get benefits. After subscribing, viewers can get ad-free viewing of the content they love to watch. Also, users get rewarded with badges. Twitch users can also support streamers by donating via PayPal. Alternatively, “bits”, an in-app currency is also available for the users to donate. 

Be an Affiliate:

There is a certain threshold to achieve to be an affiliate. These engagement metrics can be the number of followers, average views, streaming consistency, etc.  Once you reach the threshold or even cross it, you become an affiliate. Your business profile can collaborate with other affiliates for global exposure

Twitch has become a prime place to host events. Explore these online tips to optimize it for your business and stream online with a fixed schedule.