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What can you sell on YouTube Channel Part II

Published on 04.10.2019 by Luka

What can someone sell on YouTube? That’s a big question every entrepreneur wants to know. Let’s break down the rules of YouTube and find what’s sold on that platform.

YouTube as a place of attention

YouTube is not only a video engine. It’s a place where people gather in the comment section and write thousands of comments about different things. We have seen many movements started from a simple YouTube comments, so it’s not only a video engine. Most of the YouTubers have some actual “fan base” who are first in comments and then engage on other social platforms.

You should take action right now, as YouTube is growing, and don’t be too late. Especially look at the YouTube comment section as it’s essential for product/service engagement.

Selling courses in the comment section

The first product/service every YouTube entrepreneur does is indeed the course. What’s your industry? If you are in the real estate market, then you should create classes about that niche. What’s the topic, of course? Let’s start with newbies. If you have a follower’s base and have experience in real estate, then for newbies, you are someone who they look up to. So, create a simple and straightforward guideline for newbies to explain all the basics.

You can have different levels of courses. We can have an example: online course with step by step action map for people who have already sold first real estate and want to scale up. You’ll find a customer for every type of course; just take a look at the comment section. Ideas can come from the comment section as people are very open there.

Doing CPA on YouTube

You can indeed make money with CPA. It’s the abbreviation and stands for Cost per Action (CPA). First of all, you need to join CPA networks. There thousands of CPA networks that do a middle-man job. For example, there is someone who has created an application and wants to promote it. Now, CPA Network (middle-man) is someone who finds that kind of creators and gets the app. Now you come into the play and start promoting application that’s visible in the CPA network dashboard. Middle-man is giving you all data (for the app) and stats about conversion. You sell the product (pro version or subscription, etc.) and get a piece of cake. You may get $2 from each sale, the middle man also receives a percentage, and everyone is happy.

CPA is indeed the most prominent and most comfortable option to make money on YouTube. You don’t need to have an established channel. Reach out people who have 2000-5000 subscribers minimum and ask for a promotion. Ask for the price of a per shout-out in the comment section and start with the cheapest one.