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In Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok Part I

Published on 09.03.2021 by Nika Kiradze

TikTok was named as one of the fastest-growing social apps around the globe. Keep in mind that Pandemic impacted positively on the growth of TikTok. More than 400 Million users were registered on the platform during the Pandemic in 2020. TikTok became a new trend in social apps, and people tend to share more videos from the platform. TikTok is a new trend and it sets standards for many niches on the internet. That's why experts always advice starters to go with an easy route. You can buy instant tiktok likes to get more exposure in a short period of time.

Controversial bans gave TikTok more exposure in native media. American newspapers wrote a lot about TikTok in 2020, and the president's tweets made the platform more popular. In the end, TikTok was not banned because a US-based company bought a significant share of TikTok. Currently, the platform opened doors to many marketers. You can do old-fashioned and new approaches to advertising/marketing on platforms. Today we start with the essential introduction to the platform, and slowly you'll understand the real power of advertising on the app.


Mix your niche with a popular trend

TikTok is more about the trends. If you follow the latest trends, then you'll go viral eventually. Let's take an example - Gordon Ramsey. Everyone knows him from the popular quicking shows. He is one of the well-known chefs around the globe. But he still uses TikTok not to lose the connection with the fan base. 

You may ask, Gordon Ramsey has his own cooking show on TikTok? The short answer will be - NO. Gordon Ramsey is very active on the platform and promotes not only his own but also other products. He posts videos actively and does every kind of trend. Ramsey is a perfect example of how you can mix your niche with the latest trends. He is showing professional skills, posts many cooking videos, but at the same time - he stays up to date with the latest popular trends. If you don't hop on the trend-wagon, no matter who you are - there is zero chance to go viral (check the image below - Gordon Ramsey has more than 21 million followers).


Short videos - the future is here.

TikTok is popular due to 'instant gratification'. In just 30 seconds, you can get more information than from 10+ minutes of YouTube videos. That's the power of TikTok. You'll see many popular accounts on the platform that tell stories/news in various niches, and they fit everything in 30-60 seconds videos. 

Creating short videos and fitting all the 'important' information into that video is an exciting thing. That's why creators on TikTok get more recognition and go viral frequently.