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TikTok employees were spying illegally on the US journalists

Published on 11.01.2023 by Maiko Maisadze

TikTok can’t stay away from the controversy. The parent company of TikTok made a very long report about the latest issues with the employees.

ByteDance confirmed the serious issues with the spying. After the midterm elections in the US, TikTok is not coming down from the news headlines.

There is a new scandal

The latest issued report of ByteDance confirms that TikTok employees were spying on the journalists in the US. Report confirms firing 2 employees from the US office and 2 employees from the Chinese office. 

Journalists are afraid of the next controversy. TikTok management said that employees were doing it on their own. It means that the TikTok team has no connection with those spying activities. US law is ready to give a  big sentence to those employees. 

As of now, journalists don’t know the name of these people spying on the big reporters in the country. A New York Times reported that there are many more than 4 employees fired by the company. On the other hand, Forbes suggests that their journalists were victims too. Official report from Forbes suggests that journalists “were victims in this clandestine monitoring effort”. 

After midterm elections, the US government banned using TikTok in the smartphones of the people working for the government.

Donald Trump’s concern regarding TikTok

n 2020, Donald Trump expressed concern over the security of user data on TikTok, especially in relation to the Chinese government. He stated that his administration was considering banning or restricting the use of the app. Trump's concerns were based on the belief that the Chinese Communist Party could gain access to users’ private data and use it for their own purposes. 

As a result, he sought to protect American citizens by asserting greater control over how their data is used and shared by foreign entities.