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Pinterest Marketing tips to use in 2020 Part II

Published on 04.04.2020 by Lela

In the previous part of the guideline, we have talked about the importance of business accounts. As you have converted regularly into the business account, you are ready to start. Let’s dive deep and find two more important factors that can help you improve your brand visibility in the engine.

Pinterest is an engine, so keywords are important

As you may know, Pinterest is an engine. Just like Google, Pinterest has own algorithm. When people search for particular keywords, the algorithm finds the most relevant results. Keep in mind that Pinterest works like Google and YouTube. When you add a new pin, think about the keyword and try to rank for those keywords. 

If you are in the health industry, you have to come up with relevant keywords to that niche. Save those keywords and add them to every possible post. Don’t overdo the keyword part as the algorithm may limit your visibility. 

Pro tip: create a story behind every post and try to naturally put the keywords into the text. You have got a chance to add normal text to every pin you upload on Pinterest. That’s a good chance for everyone to create the story for each pin and naturally put keywords. Just like doing with the Google search algorithm, keywords have to naturally implemented into the algorithm.

Try to grow the community

For ranking the pins for more visits, you should create the tribe. You need followers who can re-post and comment on your posts. It’s very important because the keywords in your post need to be ranked. When you have many re-posts and comments on your post, it gets more exposure from the algorithm. Keep in mind that the quality of users who re-post and comment on your pins has to be high just like Social Wick is offering.