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Four Effective Strategies To A Successful Instagram Campaign

Published on 09.11.2020 by Ice Geek

With more than 300 million active users, Instagram has become one of the best platforms for the business. Like Facebook, it also gives marketers a space to promote their products/services via paid advertisement. They can create a campaign, design a creative ad, and use relevant hashtags to the description and it is ready to go.

Every social platform is unique. The algorithm running behind the scene makes them different from each other. So is Instagram. One of the myths attached to the Instagram algorithm is that it is the same as Facebook. Most social media marketers fail to understand how it works and is a disappointment when the results are not convincing.

A pre-requisite to run ads on Instagram is to have a follower-rich business profile. For that social media marketers buy Instagram followers to get a good reach. However, paid ads are different as they involve a budget to select the right audience. Apart from targeting the audience, here are some strategies to create a successful Instagram campaign.

Remember The Four T’s:

Surprised at what these 4 T's are?  It means target, tactics, timeline, and total spending. Target means targeting the correct audience, tactics means the type of posts like the contest post, video post, etc.

Timeline refers to the duration your ad will run and at what time. The total spend is the total budget you have planned to incur along with the per day costing.

An appropriate mix of these four T's will help in drafting a campaign that will fetch good results. Social media marketers can also use paid service to increase Instagram followers and promote their business page to a large audience.

Track What Your Competitors Are Doing

There are several online tools available to check what campaigns your competitors are running. The paid version of these tools will even give a detailed view of the campaign idea, keywords used, and the statistics on the post engagement.

Moreover, these tools keep you updating on whether the 4 T’s are working in the correct direction or not. This helps you in deciding the exact posts that your audiences are appreciating and love to see again.

Try Influencer Marketing:

Influencers will give a great impact on your campaign. An Influencer means a social media personality with a high number of followers who can persuade a large audience with what they say.

Analyze what your audience engages with and collaborate with influencers to support your campaign. On the other end, keep tracking your followers and their location to serve them the best you have.  

Promote On All Social Channels:

Though Instagram can be the best channel for your promotion there are other social channels too. A marketer must run its business campaign on every channel keeping the budget factor in mind. Set a budget for your campaign you want to spend on each social channel.

Paid ads are proving to be highly effective.  With advanced features getting updated from time to time, it has become a strong network for social marketing.