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2 Best Instagram Marketing tips for 3rd quarter of 2021

Published on 24.05.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

Instagram marketing is still a very big otpoin for many businesses. We can’t hide the fact that IG is becoming more powerful and prominent in the social media industry. Although TikTok was the biggest app of 2020, Instagram is ready to dominate the attention war with TikTok, YouTube and Facebook in 2021. If you are looking for the best Instagram marketing tips in 2021, then you’ve come to the right place.


Captions - new game of optimization

Most of the time, Instagram marketers miss out on this chance. If you don’t have an attention-grabbing caption, then you’re leaving lots of money on the table. Keep in mind that IG users can only see the first two sentences of the caption at start. Try to put the ‘hook’ moment in the first sentence. Make the first sentence important to read and let the IG user stop to read the second one. You can add 150 characters in the captions. If you’ve a skills of storytelling, then create compelling and interesting stories for each IG post. Add relevant hashtags in the first comment, so you could use the space of 150 characters for storytelling. Hashtags will have a big influence on ranking in the explore feature. (Check the image below - you see how National Geographic is using caption options for storytelling and getting more attention)


Engage with the followers

High engagement is another important factor for getting organic traffic on Instagram. Have you seen the big pages ranking all the time in the explore page for different keywords? Well, admins of those pages know that engagement is a very important factor. We don’t know the exact algorithm of Instagram reach but one thing is sure - along with storytelling and help of captions, you can get even better results by engaging with the followers. If you can’t answer all the comments on the posts, then hire a social media manager. The main task has to be answering all the comments naturally. Don't’ sell your product or service in the comments. Try to help IG users who comment on your posts. Engage with them with short sentences and be very clear with the brand goal in mind.