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Facebook Advertising in 2021 Changes Coming

Published on 01.05.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

Facebook is the social media giant of our time. Even if you are not on Facebook, chances are you know someone who is and that person has probably told you about the latest updates to the system. For instance, one of these changes may be Apple's recent announcement that it will stop allowing its users to sync their information with edge platforms like Facebook by 2021. New IOS update happened few days ago and everyone went crazy. As of now, the situation is still under control but will happen in the future we don't know. IOS system update is good for the standpoint of consumer but bad for advertising-wide. There are other 'trend' changes that might affect your business, so stay tuned and let's dive deep.


IOS 14 update! Winter is coming!

Facebook advertisers know that cookies won't be available in the pixel system after the IOS 14 update. It will depend on the free will of the IOS users to turn on the cookies system for any particular social media app. That's a big change for the advertisers because the "Pixel" system won't be as good as it was before the IOS update. So, what's IOS 14 update?  IOS 14 update is the newest version of Apple's operating system. IOS updates are typically released in September or October but it happened a little bit earlier this year. With a new design for iOS, it also includes some major changes to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (among others). These app-specific changes include limiting location and other metric tracking. Apple stepped into the big war against Facebook and other social networks. Let's see how it goes. So far, you have to switch slowly to the tracking tool. They have better options to track every part of the device, user location, search keyword, etc. (check the image below - without your allowance, Facebook or other social networks won't have a chance to track your apps)


Video is a dominant creative

It's not a surprise anymore that video creatives are dominating the interest of the Facebook users. Mark's social network is better for advertising than Google because you've many variables here. In the Google AD system, you can't advertise with the video creative, on Facebook it's possible - that's why most of the digital advertisers choose Facebook although Mark's platform is not reliable when it comes to longevity. How to create a powerful video for advertising? You have to be careful because there are plenty of video creators out there, who want to take your money. They will make a few videos for you and then ask for more payments even if the whole campaign doesn't work well. That's why you should filter and test many different video creators. If you want to manage video ad creation, then here are main tips on how to create high quality video advertisement: 

- write a script before recording;

- make sure that you communicate the value of your product or service in the video;

- record testimonials from people who have benefited from what you offer. These are just some tips to remember when creating advertisements for social media platforms.

Also, don't forget about the UGC. In 2021, big brands are already using user generated content. It's important to have UGC videos in your library and show it to potential customers. It makes your brands more believable and legitimate.