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Analyzing Youtube Marketing Strategies of Real Estate Agents

Published on 10.09.2019 by Luka

Real Estate could be a life-changing industry for anyone. It’s not easy or cheap business to start, but it’s all about your skills to sell.

Today we are going to share with the success tips we found from analyzing real estate influencers who do Youtube marketing. So, our guideline will be related to YouTube and real Estate only.

Show people the real estate agent’s everyday life.

It’s few success tips for Youtube marketing. Youtube is the biggest video engine, where people watch everything. Viewers want to see your daily life; they want to breathe and feel your every move while making daily random deals. That’s why most big Youtubers show their everyday life.

For example, Ryan Serhant new vlogs every Wednesday, 8 PM EST. It means that he officially has a show with a specific date and time. People wait to watch his weekly vlogs which transform into fame.

One of his vlogs is called about the day when he flipped penthouse for 5 million dollars. So, it’s not your “average joe” vlog; it’s crafted with success tips from Ryan itself. Your vlogs should have insider tips – you are a real estate agent. Therefore, you are the influencer, and people want to be like you. Educate them.

Don’t limit yourself with real Estate, talk about business in general

It’s another success tip after analyzing another real estate influencer - Kris Krohn. Kris is a real estate investor and has up to 500,000 subscribers while getting millions of views on each video. Krohn has different YouTube strategy – he is not limiting content to only real Estate. Kris also talks about business in general and collaborates with other influencers.

For example, he teaches people how to perform financial analysis, how to start a business in the early 20s, etc. Kris is a highly respected and reputable guy because of his content. Don’t limit yourself to only one industry; you are a business, not a simple guy, so try to educate your audience about the company in general.

Analyze the videos and tips of other real estate agents.

It’s another success tip from Kevin. This channel is popular as it has more than 150,000 subscribers and proliferating. Kevin analyzes and confronts with other YouTube real estate agents. For example, if he finds that any YouTube is lying, he will expose him.

So, if you want to fast recognition try to expose those fake agents who are already famous. Kevin also teaches us how to build a successful real estate company and how to sell houses quickly.